5 Reasons Retail Businesses Love GoCanvas Mobile Apps and Payments

By katie simpson on January 12, 2015

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In retail, you want your time and money to be focused on your customers. Retailers are moving to GoCanvas and mobile payments to help them do this in some remarkable ways. 

1. Real time information

With paper inventories or display inspections, information takes time to share whether inside your business or with your customers. A report may be handwritten in the morning, but not entered into your database for days. This slows down your purchase orders, display updates, and more.

By going mobile, your business can dramatically streamline all of these processes. All your reports filled out on GoCanvas are immediately accessible in the cloud. Your office can know in real time what materials you need to order, what displays look like in real time, and what people are buying in store. 

2. Flexible Mobile Payments

It used to be that you had to spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on cash registers, just so you could take credit cards. Today, with your smartphone and a subscription to GoCanvas, you can take payment quickly and easily. 

With GoCanvas and mobile payment, you can take cash, credit card, and checks. It's easy to do, and sends a receipt immediately to your customer. No worries about crumpled, unreadable receipts during returns: all records are immediately available for you in the cloud. You can even create a submission naming system based on information from the purchase such as customer name and date. 

Easily take payment, record and organize transactions. Less startup costs, and less time spent on record keeping too.

3. Less work with integrated systems 

Integrating your inventory, purchases, sales, and more into one system seems like a dream. GoCanvas allows you to easily integrate information you collect into other databases, including Salesforce and Quickbooks. You can use webservices API integration, or export your information in a bulk Excel or CSV file. 

Save your business hundreds of hours by ditching data entry and moving information between databases. A few seconds can make exporting your data seamless and painless.

4. Customize to fit your needs

With GoCanvas, you can tailor your mobile app to fit your business. Build your mobile app from scratch, or tailor one of the 15,000 apps we have in our store. 

You don't need any knowledge of coding. Use our drag and drop interface, and you can create a custom mobile app in minutes. 

As your business changes, your mobile apps can grow too. Make as many or as little changes as you want with GoCanvas. When you're finished, all your updates will go out to your users in real time. 

5.  Engage with your customers in new ways 

Going mobile can also help you grow your email list: customer's receive their receipts via email. With email, this allows you to engage your buyers in whole new ways. Send out an email when a new product has launched. Notify them of a sale you're launching. The opportunities are endless and can encourage return engagement.

But that's just the beginning: with a custom PDF, add coupons, your social media links, and more to your receipt. Not only will it engage your customers, but also differentiate you from your competition in massive ways. 


The retail space is seeing more competition than ever before. Going mobile and using mobile payments with GoCanvas helps streamline your backend to be more efficient. With more time, you can focus on creating great customer experience and engaging them in new and better ways. 

Visit the GoCanvas Application Store and browse our collection of mobile form templates for Retailers to get inspired about what you can digitize and automate in your business! 

Ready to see what going mobile can do for your business? Contact us.