5 Great Components of GoCanvas You May Not Know About

By Jason Peck on May 16, 2014
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At GoCanvas our mission is to help companies of all shapes and sizes eliminate business paperwork while collecting even better data to improve their business. This sounds simple, but GoCanvas has evolved to be a powerful tool. It's hard to give every single feature the promotion it deserves, without our site looking like a blinking, flashing MySpace page with neon colors and firework animations.

Here are 5 parts of GoCanvas you may not know about.

1) Send Us Your Form

Send Us Your Form. We'll turn it into an app, free!

GoCanvas is a self-serve platform that enables drag-and-drop app creation and customization. We have about 14,000 apps to choose from in our library (what we call our Application Store), and there's a great chance you can find something there to get started using GoCanvas.

With our Send Us Your Form program, we offer another incredibly easy way to get up and running. We'll convert one of your paper forms into a GoCanvas application. The first form conversion is FREE! Each additional form conversion is $50.

2) Robust Integration Opportunities 

Many people find incredible value in simply using GoCanvas to replace existing paperwork and not having to worry about lost paper forms, interpreting bad handwriting, storing forms in a filing cabinet and manual data re-entry. But GoCanvas lets you go further with flexible integration features.

With reference data, you can auto-populate data into apps to save time. For example, instead of filling out all customer info each time you visit, you could select the customer's name from a drop-down list and then have the information for email address, phone number, location, work performed in the past, etc be automatically filled in, saving tons of time. 

GoCanvas also gives you the power to integrate data that is collected into other office systems. Want to add data your sales team is collecting to customer records in Salesforce? No problem. Want to add information related to specific jobs to Quickbooks? Do it. This can be done manually via CSV export or automatically using our API

3) MyCanvas 

Do you ever get emails or phone calls from customers asking for a copy of an old invoice or copy of work that was performed? With MyCanvas you get an online portal where you can give your customers access to any information you used GoCanvas to capture about work you did for them. 

logo for MyCanvas

MyCanvas is a place for your customers and partners to access their receipts, documents and other critical forms. Once enabled on your apps, anyone emailed a PDF submission will now have access to that PDF anytime and anywhere. This is especially useful if you're doing work for the same customer/s frequently. Learn more about MyCanvas here

4) Windows Desktop Support

Maybe you already use GoCanvas on a mobile device to collect information on the go. But if you want to use GoCanvas in the office on a PC, we've got you covered there, too. Head over here and then select “Microsoft Windows” from the drop down menu. 

5) GoCanvas Custom Output 

Want the submissions generated by GoCanvas to match your existing form (including colors, logos and tables)? Or want to add custom content, like coupons, promotions, and a call-to-action to sign up for your email newsletter?

Turn your form into an app then have it match your existing form with Custom Custom Output services

Our team can design and implement custom outputsfor a variety of file types, including PDF, Excel, Word and Powerpoint. Learn more about this here and contact us for a custom quote. 

If you're already a GoCanvas subscriber, feel free to take advantage of these components of GoCanvas. We'd love your feedback so feel free to drop us a line and let us know what you think!

Ready to eliminate your paperwork and do even more with your data to improve your business? Get started today, free!

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