5 Common Questions for our Mobile App Builder

By keith bateman on March 10, 2014

While a drag and drop interface, there’s a lot of powerful features in our mobile app builder. Some of the features we talk a lot about: GPS and photo capture, electronic signatures, even using reference data. But with GoCanvas, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

What are some of the things that you can do in the GoCanvas app builder that you can’t do on a piece of paper? If you don’t know already, here are my top 5 most asked questions and solutions:

1)    My workers are constantly forgetting to fill out fields on our paper form. Can I make a field required?

In the app builder you can actually make almost any field you wish required! This will put a red asterisk next to the field when the user is filling out the form on their device. More importantly, they will not be able to submit the report until they fill out those specified fields. You’ll never miss the information you need.

2)    My workers are always forgetting to carry the 1 or to divide by 5. Can I build in calculations to my app?

GoCanvas makes doing math easy at any age (source)

With the GoCanvas app builder, you are able to build in calculations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. We can even help you calculate tax rates for your services rendered. Your workers can finish the forms faster and you’ll get accurate invoices, estimates, or sales receipts every time.

3) Sometimes I worry about where my workers are filling out their reports. How can I guarantee that they are really filling them out at the job site and not at home? 

GoCanvas makes it easy to use the powerful functions within your smartphone or tablet. Simply drag and drop GPS capture function within the app builder. In your reports you can place strategic points within the app that are required for them to engage. This will place a Google map on the end PDF report to confirm their location upon filling out the report.

4) My workers sometimes write in responses that are either unreadable or don’t even make sense, how can this be remedied?

Your forms don’t have to look like nonsense (source)

With the GoCanvas app builder, you can setup value lists. These give users a pre-determined drop-downs of values to pick from. A value list forces your users to choose from a range of appropriate responses. This function will ensure that you see less mistakes and faster data capture.

5) Sometimes we need to log various amounts of a specific material into a list, like an inventory. How do you handle that kind of data capture?

Within the app builder, you are able to build a List Screen. This type of screen enables the user to choose or enter an item, then type in the specific details of that item. Once done, the screen will loop around and the user can add another item to the list!

Customers use list screens for a variety of purposes including:

  • Plumbing supplies
  • Workers on a job site
  • Expense report

Do you have your own questions about the GoCanvas mobile app builder? Feel free to contact us