4 Ways to Stop Termites with Mobile Inspection Apps

By katie simpson on November 7, 2014

It may come as a shock to your customers, but termites don’t just eat wood. They’ll eat through plastic just to get at that large source of water. That’s not all termites will eat: lead batteries, tires, even cable wires!

So how do you ensure that termites aren’t at your construction site or a customer’s home? Part of this includes thorough and comprehensive home inspections. Here’s how a mobile termite inspection can help:

The last insect anyone wants to see near their home or business. Photo credit: denn via photopin cc

1. Ensure best practices for prevention

When building, or remodeling a any building in regions with termites, doing the proper treatment is a must. Making it into an app like our, New Construction Subterranean Termite Service Record, makes it easy. 

It asks step by step to ensure that all proper treatment was done, including 

  • dates of treatment
  • types of treatment
  • who treated the property
  • a copy of the service agreement (if necessary in your state)

With any app in our application store, you can tweak these apps to fit your company’s unique needs. Want to make certain parts of the app required? You can make any field required to fill out. Even if an employee skips it, they won’t be able to submit their service record. 

Plus, with all your service records in the cloud, it’s easy to share with customers. At the end of the service treatment, simply enter in a customer’s email and the report shows up directly in their inbox. 

2. Take photos in your inspection

So much of termite inspection is visual. Tunnels, cracked or distorted wood, mud tubes, or frass are just some of the ways you can see where termites are. 

More than just taking notes about seeing termites, with a mobile termite inspection, you can add photos to it. With one click, you can easily add photos to your inspections, showing proof of termites. 

Photos make it easier for the homeowner to see the infestation issues. If someone else comes back to treat the house, being able to review photos beforehand. With GoCanvas, every photo you add to your report is immediately available in the cloud or an email submission. No more matching photos to the right report, it’s all there in your mobile app. 

3. Thorough maintenance

Termites are resilient. You may do an amazing treatment, only to get a call six months later from the customer that the insects have returned. 

In a mobile app, it’s easier to share information with customers about not only prevention, but also maintenance. Instead of a hard to read carbon copy, customers enjoy clean text, and images. 

You can even share a PDF version of maintenance that inspectors do, such as our Guidelines for Exterior Maintenance: Termite Prevention Checklist. Customers can better understand ways to make their homes or offices less hospitable to termites for the long run. And if they ever lose it? With GoCanvas all your checklists, reports, and inspections are easy to search in the cloud. 

You can quickly find the right document, and email it to them. They’ll love the convenience, you’ll love all the time saved. 

4. Make sure you get it right the first time

We all make mistakes, perhaps you missed where the treatment was needed in a house. Maybe you didn’t realize how bad the situation was at that office. Being human, mistakes happen. But in field service, especially pest control, those mistakes can make the difference between a customer staying with you, or swearing you off for good.

With mobile apps, it’s easier to give inspectors a clearer idea of the situation before hand. A light dispatch can let you prepopulate a form with information from the previous report. For instance you could dispatch an app with:

  • customer’s name
  • customer’s address
  • previous issues to keep an eye out for
  • what is needed in this visit

Not only does a prepopulated app ensure that the inspector knows what to look for, but also makes filling out the app faster onsite. With better communication, employees can focus on doing great service for your customers that keeps them calling you back each year.

Other popular mobile forms for termite inspection include:

Termites are a pest that aren’t going away. Going with a mobile app though can help ensure thorough prevention, consistent treatment, and better overall service. Not only will it impress your customers, but it will help your work go more quickly and easily on the back end too.

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