4 Questions to Ask Your Users Before Implementing Android Business Apps

By Jason Ganz on May 20, 2014

You’ve done the research, you know exactly what kind of app you want for your fleet of Android devices. But unless you get your users up and running, you won’t save any time or money. Before you start, there are four questions you should ask your users before getting going. It’s much easier if you catch a misunderstanding or potential issues for your employee’s earlier rather than later.

Do you understand why we are using this app?

This is the most important question to ask your employees before getting them started on their Android business apps. Some apps come with a bit of a learning curve. Why should they use this app? If your employees understand the reason behind the switch then they will be significantly more likely to stick it out and master the app.

Do you feel comfortable using this app?

While paper isn’t the most efficient or convenient way to gather data, it is something that your users know and are comfortable with. Before getting them started with Android business apps, you need to ensure that they are comfortable using these apps too. Remember, your users will be spending a significant amount of time in these apps – if they aren’t comfortably using the apps it could spell trouble down the road.

Do you know where to turn for help?

During the process of getting accustomed to their Android business app, employees might need some guidance. This could be anything from a simple explanation of a single feature to a walkthrough of the entire functionality of the app. No matter what they need, it is essential that you provide them with the resources they need. They’ll become app-masters soon enough, but in the meantime, it is crucial to get them support if desired.

Are you ready to save time?

Get your users excited! By providing them with the opportunity to switch to Android apps, you are going to save them significant time and hassle in the long run. Once you explain the full potential of your Android apps, they’ll be just as excited as you are.