3 Hidden Costs of Your Current Business Processes

By kalliopi vlastos on October 7, 2013

I’ve been working at GoCanvas for over 2 years, so I’ve learned a few things about our subscribers, their business processes, and the inefficiencies that cost them money.

Many come to us looking for a relief from the daily frustration that paper causes. Some immediately see the value in a $210 subscription to live life paperless for a year. Others get caught up in the cost of paper versus the cost of GoCanvas. While GoCanvas is, in many cases, more affordable than paper forms themselves, that isn’t where you’ll see the majority of your return on investment.

Let me show three of the hidden costs of paper as it relates to your current business processes so you can stop worrying about the dollars and start making sense.


1.  Time Lost

One new subscriber revealed to me that they calculated the cost of a phone call from a field worker back to the main office. The cost? $1.25 per minute. Labor is expensive. Every time a field worker calls the office to order a part they’re wasting two peoples’ valuable time. With GoCanvas mobile apps and reference data, users can pull up a list of parts on their phones, check off the parts needed, enter the quantities and return it to the office via email. No dialing involved. No chance of misinterpretation, which brings me to my next point.

2. Inaccuracies

How many times have you received a work order, or estimate from an employee with inaccurate data? GoCanvas helps reduce errors with options like drop downs with pre-entered options, reference data for linking prices with items selected. We even provide a light dispatch which allows you to enter data into forms from the office and send them to your user’s devices pre-filled. Your technicians will love leaving the administrative tasks to the office team and they can fill out the data that applies to the work they perform.

3. Redundant Data Entry

While GoCanvas Dispatch is one way to eliminate double data entry, but most frequently I’ve found that double duty occurs when the data has been collected. Do you have a designated employee who is responsible for typing the data that your field workers collect into another database (Quickbooks? Peachtree? Timberline?), or into a legible electronic document? That’s painful and expensive. For what you pay that employee over the course of a few months you could set up a direct integration from GoCanvas into your backend database. Imagine all of the work your employees could be doing instead: They could focus on customer service or expand your work in the field. The possibilities are endless.

I’m sure you’ve run into at least one of these situations with your current business processes, but I hope you recognize that GoCanvas is your way out. Don’t focus on the cost of paper alone. GoCanvas gives a great return on investment when you look at the productivity savings.

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