Form Templates

Managing legal paperwork is now easier than ever with apps and electronic forms for attorneys. Legal apps offer a simple way to manage a variety of attorney tasks electronically. Any attorney or lay person can use these apps to create a power of attorney template or power of attorney form, sign off on attorney PDFs for health care directives, create attorney reports for financial decisions and tax matters, sign notary public forms for agents and more, all from a mobile device.

Attorney apps provide powerful solutions for all types of legal professionals. The apps make it easy to create any type of legal document quickly and seamlessly. Attorney apps are recommended for real estate lawyers, attorneys at financial institutions, health care legal teams, public guardians and others who act as a legal authority or agent to another person or business.

Our checklists offer an easy way to keep track of the data that is most important to you. With our simple templates, you can effortlessly create reports that then can be distributed as PDFs.

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