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Basic Work Order - Formville Mobile App

The Basic Work Order from offers a simple way to manage work requests from anywhere in the field. Instead of using expensive work order software, the app generates as simple to use work order form template using a smartphone or tablet.

Use the template to track work request number, employee, name, location, task details and more and save the results electronically for your records. It's perfect for all basic maintenance tasks and simplifies the process of work order tracking.

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App Name

Automotive Bill of Sale

The Automotive Bill of Sale mobile app was designed for car dealerships and others that specialize in the sale of pre-owned cars and trucks and motor vehicle parts. Do you need an easy way to manage the sale of pre-owned vehicles? Use the app to track customer details, vehicle information, vehicle history, mileage, license number and more, all from your smartphone or tablet. The app also lets users add tax and automatically calculates the final cost of the motor vehicle or auto parts sale. It replaces the hassle of having to capture, store, and track a vehicle's history by hand.

When it comes to motor vehicle sales, it's important to maintain accurate bills of sale when transferring ownership of cars and trucks. This includes getting an accurate odometer reading and adding details about specific auto parts and information about the car dealer. Make sure that you've got everything covered with Automotive Bill of Sale app for auto sales. And don't forget, the auto repair estimate mobile form is a great addition to your effort to go paperless as well.

App Name

Automotive Estimate

The Automotive Estimate mobile app is one of our mechanic apps specifically designed for car repairs, auto body work and other auto care services provides a detailed cost estimate from anywhere in the shop. Used by auto repair shops, body shops and specialty auto repair centers to estimate vehicle repair costs before beginning the job, the app provides a professional estimate that can be submitted to the insurance company or given to customers who are paying for repairs themselves.

Key Benefits of App:
• Use the app with any smartphone or tablet to create free estimates immediately after inspecting a car, eliminating the extra step of taking notes and then inputting the information into an estimate form on your computer.
• A timesaving alternative to creating each auto repair estimate by hand. Reduce errors and create an electronic record of your work by quickly generating free estimates for everything from oil changes and transmission repair, to collision repair and general maintenance services.
• Estimate form include contact information, a description of the work needed and auto insurance information.
• Have a big job that will require more than one type of service, such as extensive body work and an engine rebuild? Use the app to create an itemized list with totals calculated for each type of auto repair shop services instead of having to generate separate invoices for the engine repairs, body work and other services. Estimates can be approved right from the app thanks to electronic signature capture, eliminating the need for running and back and forth to the office.

App Name

Automotive Repair Order Form

This Automotive Repair Order app allows you to capture on any mobile device all the information typically captured on a paper work order. This app allows you to quickly document vehicle information, detail the service request, list all parts, labor and shop supplies, and capture that all-important customer authorization. All parts and labor (including sale tax) are automatically calculated for you.

This repair invoice template can also be used for estimates, so you can provide the customer with a detailed price estimate via a PDF emailed instantly to them for consideration.

Ideal for repair shops and repair facilities of all sizes, show customers they can trust you with their vehicle by using a cutting edge, yet very affordable, mobile app automotive repair invoice.

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App Name

Basic Expense Report

The Basic Expense Report mobile app tracks all out of pocket expenses and company credit card charges using a smartphone or tablet. A helpful tool for those who regularly complete expense reports for business trips and expense receipts, the app helps make sure that you don't miss a thing. Easily track credit card usage, manage travel expenses and more. The expense tracking app can be used for multiple payment methods and automatically calculates the totals for each item. Once the trip has been completed, the expense tracker app generates an official expense reimbursement report that can be emailed to your accounting department for manager approval and stored electronically for your records.

Are you tired of tracking expense receipts and credit card charges for business expenses by hand? When you are on the road for sales jobs or other positions that regularly use corporate credit cards, it's important to accurately track money used for travel and other expenses in order to be reimbursed. To ensure that you get paid after a business trip, use the expense tracking app to maintain an accurate record of all charges and out of pocket money used.

App Name

Basic Estimate

Service based businesses often need to supply customers with a work estimate. The Basic Estimate mobile app can help. The app includes customer contact information, a work description, job location, work services to be provided, estimated beginning and ending dates, itemized materials and labor involved. The app subtotals automatically and allows you to add any required tax.

Want a PDF or Excel version of this app? Click Here

App Name

Cash Receipt

The Cash Receipt mobile app is a simple way to provide a cash receipt that can be customized for any business. The cash receipt form app includes the date, receipt number, who it is received from, address, amount, purpose, account information and method of payment. But best of all, the cash receipt template can be altered to suit your specific needs so that the receipt format is exactly as you prefer. No matter what line of work you are in, if you receive money from others regularly, this is a handy tool to record transactions. Start using this sale receipt template or rent receipt template to create free receipts now to simplify your transactions.

Key benefits of this app: 
• This app simply creates a free cash receipt template that can replace traditional receipts
• If you're a landlord you can use when a tenant pays you rent - quickly create a rent receipt to keep for your records, right there on the spot. 
• Or if you're a small business owner or independent seller, use this purchase receipt form app to create a sales payment receipt for the customer
• A copy of the receipt is automatically emailed to you and uploaded to the Cloud, where all cash payment receipt template can be tracked.

App Name

Delivery Receipt

The Delivery Receipt Mobile App generates shipping receipts for goods delivered. Use the delivery receipt form app to generate new service invoices that include shipping information, create an itemized list of the goods delivered by USPS Certified Mail, UPS or other express delivery services, add the shipment summary and the number of packages and total weight. It's a cheaper alternative to expensive invoice software programs and much easier to maintain than handwritten sales receipt template books.

A useful tool for those who work in retail sales, individuals who sell personal property online and small business owners who ship products to customers, the app makes it easy to maintain a record of all shipping receipts, return receipts and retail sales details in one central location. Looking for specific purchase order information or need to look up delivery confirmation details? The app keeps track of all invoices and packing slips in an easy to read receipt format so that you can pull up whatever you need and email it to the customer, or view it for your own purposes. Customize your shipping receipt templates to include fields for sales tax and local taxes, company information for business receipts, insurance coverage details and service invoices for customers. With the Delivery Receipt mobile app, you can maintain an accurate record of delivery charges for all sales invoices and access your shipping labels and receipts with any device.

App Name

Simple Mileage Report

With the cost of gasoline continuing its upward trend, it is more important than ever to track vehicle mileage for reimbursement. This GoCanvas Simple Mileage Report Mobile app gives employees the ability to log their company ID, the date, the business purpose of the trip, and starting and ending odometer readings, then it calculates total trip miles. It also captures an employee signature. While those required by their work to track business mileage will find this app indispensable, all of us who do significant driving for charity or have reimbursable educational commutes, need an auto mileage log to claim legal tax deductions on our tax returns. For a self-employed person, sometimes their mileage is all they claim, making mileage tracking essential.

Customize this mileage log software completely; make it look like your business log book form for tracking mileage. Change or add fields. Call on GoCanvas customer support for help making the app work for you. Record your actual expenses along the trip, capture the use of your personal vehicle for business. The reports can be uploaded and stored for your tax records or simply email a report to your accounting department. Stored in PDF format, in the cloud, you can access your data from anywhere, for business trip or personal use. Paper mileage log sheets can get lost or damaged. With your data stored in the GoCanvas cloud, you're never without your business expense detail.

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