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Simple Mileage Report Mobile App

With the cost of gasoline continuing its upward trend, it is more important than ever to track vehicle mileage for reimbursement. This GoCanvas Simple Mileage Report Mobile app gives employees the ability to log their company ID, the date, the business purpose of the trip, and starting and ending odometer readings, then it calculates total trip miles. It also captures an employee signature. While those required by their work to track business mileage will find this app indispensable, all of us who do significant driving for charity or have reimbursable educational commutes, need an auto mileage log to claim legal tax deductions on our tax returns. For a self-employed person, sometimes their mileage is all they claim, making mileage tracking essential.

Customize this mileage log software completely; make it look like your business log book form for tracking mileage. Change or add fields. Call on GoCanvas customer support for help making the app work for you. Record your actual expenses along the trip, capture the use of your personal vehicle for business. The reports can be uploaded and stored for your tax records or simply email a report to your accounting department. Stored in PDF format, in the cloud, you can access your data from anywhere, for business trip or personal use. Paper mileage log sheets can get lost or damaged. With your data stored in the GoCanvas cloud, you're never without your business expense detail.

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    Starting Odometer:

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