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Modernize Your Law Practice in 3 Steps

Learn how to modernize your law practice in 3 steps, and discover why modernizing is no longer optional — it’s essential.

Auto Repair

4 Ways Independent Auto Shops Can Compete with Dealerships

It can be a challenge competing for repair business with the big auto dealerships in your community. Learn 4 ways to stand out and compete with the big guys.


3 Ways Mobile Technology Can Help in Roadway Construction & Repair

Discover how to use mobile technology to improve worker safety, regulatory compliance, and equipment repair and maintenance.


The Definitive Guide to Eliminating Construction Paper Forms

Paper forms cost your company money. Get simple solutions, and learn how streamlined processes and strategic data collection can change your business.


Use Mobile Apps to Manage Project Costs — And Protect Your Margins

Keep your project profitable. Track and control the cost of labor, materials, and equipment, and learn how switching to mobile can protect your bottom line.


Why Mobile Apps are a Must-Have for Electricians and Plumbers

Complex plumbing and electrical jobs require new ways to manage people, time, and resources. How mobile apps provide an affordable answer.


Your Guide to OSHA’s Construction Safety Regulations

Improve jobsite safety and steer clear of OSHA fines. Tips for streamlining and improving your safety program, and complying with regs in budget-friendly ways.


3 Ways to Make Your Data Work for You

Small businesses: learn how to mine the data you’re already capturing to gain actionable insights on performance and efficiency.

Data Collection

The Power of Data: How to Turn Numbers Into Business Insights

SMBs collect a lot of data — but few know how to put it to use. In this interactive eBook, you will learn how to turn your data into actionable tactics that will help drive your businesses profitability, efficiency, and growth.

Field Service

How Accepting Mobile Payments Will Transform Your Small Business

Learn how accepting mobile payments can streamline your business operations, increase customer engagement, and protect against fraud liability.

Field Service

How to Manage Remote Sales — and Shorten the Sales Cycle

Wondering how you can more easily manage your remote team in less time? Find out how to boost your team’s productivity (and even shorten your sale cycle).

Field Service

How the Best Field Service Businesses Use Mobile Apps

Have workers in the field? Find out how businesses like yours are managing workers and making business more efficient by switching to mobile.

Field Service

Improving Safety Compliance With Mobile Technology

Compliance with regulations is a must for many industries. Learn how using mobile apps for inspections can offer better insight and more accurate record keeping.

Field Service

See the Moving Parts In Your Business: GoCanvas Business Insights

What is your data telling you? Use GoCanvas Business Insights to get more out of your data and improve decision-making, day-to-day operations and strategic planning.

Field Service

Are You Overpaying for Overtime?

Overpaying for overtime can be devastating to business. Learn how better time tracking with mobile can improve accuracy, employee trust and your bottom line.

Hazardous Materials

OSHA’s New HazCom Standard: 6 Steps to Compliance

The deadline to having a HazCom program in full compliance is coming. Is your business ready?


Fresh and Clean: How Mobile Inspections Save Hospitality Industry Reputations

Surpass your guests’ expectations every time. Use mobile checklists to keep your facilities clean and safe — and your customers happy. Learn more in this interactive eBook.


Become an HVAC Industry Leader: 5 Steps to Heat Up Your Business

How do you get ahead of the competition in the HVAC industry? Practical and budget-friendly tips to help you grow your business.

Inspections & Surveys

4 Steps to Prepare for OSHA Safety Inspections

Would you be ready if an OSHA inspector showed up? Test your knowledge and learn how to avoid fines and violations on inspection day with our INTERACTIVE eBook.


How Digital Can Transform Manufacturing

Manufacturing companies are using digital to grow business. Learn how to harness the power of data to affect compliance, standardization, and more.


3 Budget-Friendly Ways to Modernize Your Mining Operation

Today’s mines have to use technology to be competitive and for the health and safety of workers. Here’s how to achieve that without breaking the bank.


Three Strategies to Help Mine Operators

Evolving compliance is putting a larger burden of responsibility on your mining business than ever before. Learn how to keep your team safe and productive.

Oil and Gas

4 Ways Big Data Transforms Oil and Gas

How data is being used in the energy industry to improve exploration, pinpoint reserves, ensure equipment and environmental safety, and more.

Oil and Gas

5 Common Hazards in Oil and Gas Extraction and How to Address Them

Discover how mobile technology makes it possible to improve efficiency, create a safer worksite, and avoid fines and penalties on the job.

Pest Control

Your Pest Control Business: Create a Better Team in 4 Steps

As a pest control company, it can be a challenge managing your employees. You’re just 4 steps away from creating a better pest control team.

Pool Service

Financial Management: 4 Things Every Pool Service Operator Should Know

In a competitive market, how do both veteran and newcomers to the pool service industry get ahead? Understand financial management.


4 Ways Technology Helps Retailers Thrive in the Modern Marketplace

How is technology helping retailers gain an edge in the marketplace? Get practical, technology-based solutions for modern retailers.


Use Mobile to Ace Inspections and Improve Store Appearance

Focusing on cleanliness, appearance, and safety in your store is a priority. Staying on top of it is a challenge. Here’s how mobile forms and checklists can help.


Turn Toolbox Talks Into Bottom-Line Success

For construction, manufacturing, and field service companies, holding regular toolbox talks can deliver significant safety and cost benefits. Learn more in this interactive eBook.


Manage Your Mobile Security Force in 5 Simple Steps

When it comes to managing workers, security companies have a particular challenge. Get 5 simple steps to manage your mobile security force.


4 Ways Mobile Inspection Forms Can Keep your Trucks on the Road

Keep your trucks on the road. Use mobile apps to replace paper inspection forms to improve safety, compliance, and grow revenue. Find out how with this INTERACTIVE eBook.


How Digitizing Workflow Will Transform Your Business

Companies are eliminating paperwork, improving efficiency, and increasing productivity by digitizing information and automating workflow. Learn how it can work for you.