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Mobile app registration forms save you and your clients’ tremendous amounts of time completing the registration process. No matter what type of register you need, whether a school registration form, a guest registration, camp registration form, new patient registration form or something else, mobile apps free you from online registration forms and allow you to complete the process regardless of location and whether you have WIFI or internet access. Peruse the dozens of sample registration forms available – they can be used as-is or customized using the easy-to-use ‘drag and drop’ App Builder too.

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Registration Form

The Student Enrollment Registration Form Mobile App was developed to assist both public and private school districts in enrolling students….

HACCP Plan Form
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Guest Registration Form Thumb

The Hotel Guest Registration Forms mobile app provides everything you need to bill hotel guests electronically. Instead of using paper form…

Paitent Registration Form Thumb

Looking to streamline your patient registration process and collect patient’s personal data with ease? Our Patient Registration Mobile App …

Recreational Vehicle Registration Form Thumb

The Recreational Vehicle Registration Form is designed for requires residents to register all recreational vehicles to ensure owners comply…

Golf Registration and Sponsor Agreement

This is the Golf Registration and Sponsor Agreement app. In the first part of this app, the User will add the names and information for all…

CBP Form 4455 - Certificate of Registration

The Certificate of Registration for Exports mobile app is the electronic version of CBP Form 4455. Part of the export permit process for it…

Softball Tryout, Registration & Waiver Form

The Softball Registration Form Mobile App is a standard registration and waiver form. The registration process includes: player name, addre…

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Ultimate Guide to Business Information

The Ultimate Guide to Collecting and Using Business Information

Paper forms cost your company money. Get simple solutions, and learn how streamlined processes and strategic data collection can change your business.

Digitizing Workflow

How Digitizing Workflow Will Transform Your Business

Companies are eliminating paperwork, improving efficiency, and increasing productivity by digitizing information and automating workflow. Learn how it can work for you

Canvas Business Insights

See the Moving Parts In Your Business: GoCanvas Business Insights

What is your data telling you? Use GoCanvas Business Insights to get more out of your data and improve decision-making, day-to-day operations and strategic planning.

Case Studies

Mom Brands Post Consumer

POST Consumer

This large food manufactuer has been able to streamline their retail process with the help of GoCanvas!

HAFSCO Food Service


HAFSCO Goes Paperless with Foodservice Work Order App on Samsung Galaxy Tablets Provided by Verizon

The Co-Operative

The Co-operative

United Kingdom’s oldest and most popular brands use GoCanvas for audits and inspections.

Blog Articles

waiver blog

How Mobile Waivers Can Reduce Risk & Liability at Your Business

The risk of injury or litigation for a business owner is present every day. In any consumer-based business, it is essential that owners do whatever it takes to ensure the safety of their customers while making sure to minimize their potential risk of liability.

hotel blog

Eliminating Paperwork & Increasing Guest Satisfaction with Hotel Mobile Forms

In order to be successful in the Hotel Industry, it takes being able to properly take care of both your guests and your property.

automate workflow

10 Ways Automating Workflow Will Help Your Business

Digitizing your paper forms will improve accuracy and compliance. But workflow automation can truly transform your company. Our checklist tells you how.

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