Why Enterprise Businesses Pick GoCanvas for Checklist Apps

By keith bateman on January 27, 2014

Working at GoCanvas, I’m lucky enough to work with clients in from construction companies to local governments. I help businesses identify the solutions that are right for them, often a checklist app. The thing with checklists is that it doesn’t matter what industry you are in: hospitality, medical, or construction, you likely use one! Here are some common reasons enterprise businesses pick GoCanvas for their checklist apps.

Options For Every Kind of Enterprise

With GoCanvas, we give you multiple options for finding the perfect app. For the tailored piece, we can easily take the paper form you are currently using on a daily basis, and convert that into an easy to use mobile form. You’ll be able to use it on your smartphone, tablet, or even “phablet”. Worried about cost? Your first form is free with your subscription.

Sometimes a client asks, “We don’t have a checklist, but we want to incorporate one into our bossiness, what can you offer?” For these enterprises, I show them our Application Store. For checklists alone we have over 1,000 pre-made and ready to go. If you need a few tweaks, they are completely customizable for your own unique needs with our app builder.

Other clients want to build their own from the ground up. That’s when I point them to our builder. This powerful tool will let you take full control from photo and gps capture to conditional branching and reference data.

The great part about using GoCanvas in your large organization is that it isn’t going to take months to get this implemented amongst your workers and divisions. The paper checklist you were using today can be uploaded to GoCanvas, converted into an app, and ready in your account for you to use within 3-5 business days. All you do then is log in on your phone through the GoCanvas client. You’ll see your checklist app there, waiting for you.

Simpler is Better

Let mobile apps help you cut through the data maze (StockMonkeys.com, source)

No matter which method is right for you mobile data collection can benefit you financially in the short and long term. A paper checklist is something that is likely done on-site and filled out multiple times throughout the day. This form needs to be quick, concise, and easy to access. Yet, paper is cumbersome, is easily lost or damaged, and takes longer to get back to the office. Paper leads to hours searching for lost forms, double data entry, and less accurate information.

With GoCanvas checklists, as soon as you complete filling it out, that data is then sent to a secure database. You can share this data real time not only with your office, but also clients or partners with emailed PDF report of the information. Quick, easy, and secure mobile solutions: that’s what I promise and deliver for my clients. This is what I can offer my clients on every level of the business hierarchy; it’s as simple as that.

And in my world, the simpler something is, the better it is.

Are You Ready to Simplify?

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