Three Mobile Forms That Every Commercial Paving Company Needs to Have

By keith bateman on April 5, 2018

Paving Over Your Inefficiencies

Whether it be commercial, private or infrastructure based – the construction industry continues to grow along with the size of projects. And as the scale and complexity of construction projects continue to increase, the need for efficient document/data management has become critical to the success of any given project.

This is the primary reason today that you see many of the top tier construction companies ($100M+ revenue) moving towards ‘enterprise’ construction software, and removing paper-based documentation from their project sites.

But, what about the small and mid-sized firms? And what about the contractors who support these firms and their projects? In many cases, this group is the lifeblood of the Construction industry.

The issue? The majority of these firms are still collecting and sharing data the same way they did it 50+ years ago.

The reason? They feel like they can’t see the ROI in the multi-thousand dollar investment in an enterprise level solution. And this is the reason why GoCanvas was created.

With GoCanvas, you can now create a mobile form platform that fits your budget and data collection needs. This type of flexibility is perfect for people like Sandee Pierce,  Admin Director at Sierra National Asphalt, who was looking to streamline her crew’s daily reports and time sheets.

Sierra National Asphalt Increased Productivity by 50%Read How

Since fully ditching their paperwork for GoCanvas, Sandee stated that Sierra National Asphalt loves GoCanvas because “Supervisors do not have to go to job sites to track down and collect time sheets (anymore). The reference data and validation tables have reduced the errors that previously caused corrections by the supervisors and office staff”. 

For small to mid-size construction contractors like Sandee Pierce, GoCanvas has become the go-to solution for companies looking to replace their outdated paper processes without blowing the budget.

Three Essential Mobile Forms for the Paving Industry

If your exploring going paperless with your daily operations process, we have the perfect forms for you!

The specific mobile forms below are handpicked for the Asphalt/Paving industry and are as simple as “Click and Submit” to use. But also keep in mind that all our mobile forms are completely customizable using the GoCanvas App Builder, and can easily be tweaked to fit your existing data collection processes! You can even change the entire look and feel of the output PDF report using the PDF Designer. 

Check out these three mobile forms:

None of these Paving mobile forms a perfect fit? No worries! We have over 20,000 mobile forms in our App Store to fit any use case and/or industry!

Alternative Ways to Go Paperless

For some businesses, their operations are so complex that starting from a mobile form template wouldn’t make sense.

In instances like this, GoCanvas has a special ‘white glove’ program called ‘Send Us Your Form’. This service allows you to scan and email a copy of the current form that you are using today, and we will convert it into a mobile version!

That means that you won’t have to search through our Application Store to find a mobile form that matches your existing process, or take the time to build it out from scratch using the App Builder. We take on the work of digitizing your current paper-based process for you!

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