The Construction Industry’s Productivity Slump – and How Tech Helps

By Jason Good on September 22, 2015

The Construction Industry's Productivity Slump - And How Technology Can HelpDoes your construction team work harder than ever before — without seeing the payoff? Many analysts believe the construction industry is in a decades-long productivity slump. This doesn't mean that buildings and roads aren't being built or that money isn't being made, but that construction companies and construction workers have to work longer, more grueling hours to produce at the same level.

What’s to blame? The research points to individual job complexity and poor or inefficient communication on the construction site as culprits. And with many project managers and general contractors still relying on paper as the main method of record keeping and invoicing, real-time collaboration between the worksite, the office, and the client is impossible.

Some in the construction industry are turning to mobile technologies to work more efficiently and boost productivity on the construction site. How are they doing it? And just how bad is the decline in productivity? Here’s what the latest research and numbers reveal.  

Productivity Infographic

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