Swimming Pool Maintenance Company Dives into GoCanvas Mobile Apps on iPhones

By Jason Good on January 24, 2012

pool picture

Another swimming pool maintenance company has decided that paper is a thing of the past!  A number of pool companies have taken the plunge in the past year with GoCanvas.  This latest customer has taken their iPhones poolside to generate quotes and invoices for the services they provide.

This tech-savvy pool company has taken advantage of many of Canvas’s features to create detailed quotes for their services.  They have incorporated GPS capture, which places a small map on their quote showing the customer location.  They are capturing all of their parts and labor details for the proposed job which are all totalled up with Canvas’s calculation feature. Tax is even calculated so the exact total price is available to the customer.  A picture of the job site can also be included.  Terms & conditions surrounding the proposed work is also included so there is no confusion about the proposed work.  This PDF can be emailed directly to the customer for their records.

They are also generating invoices for services they provide.  Similar to the quote app they are using, it will calculate parts costs and labor costs along with taxes associated with the work.  But they also describe the work that they did and get a customer’s signature stating that the work has been done and authorizing them to be billed for the work.  This is also emailed to the customer for their records.

There is never any confusion anymore about what this company’s customers are agreeing to.  They get a clean, legible copy that clearly outlines costs and the work being done.  These files are also safely stored on Canvas’s servers and can be accessed at anytime should there be a dispute or if the client loses their copy.  Another round is won by GoCanvas Mobile Apps in our battle to replace paper forms! 

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