Spring into Action: 4 Ways Automating Productivity Apps Can Save You Time

By Jason Ganz on March 20, 2014

At long last – we have made it through the winter! Finally time to break out the Frisbees and hiking shoes. However, this also means spring cleaning, and a whole host of issues that are just waiting to suck up your time at home and in the office. Lucky for you, automating your productivity apps can make you more efficient. That means more time in the sun and less time in the office.

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, 4 * 43 = 172

Photo credit: seyed mostafa zamani via photopin cc

I’m willing to bet you are sick to death of having to make calculations in the field. True, even without apps, most of us have calculators on our smartphones. But I know you are thinking the same thing I am – default calculator apps = LAME. Wouldn’t it be so much easier if all you had to do was put the raw numbers in and let the answer be generated for you?

30 Days Has September, April, June and November

Unfortunately, while there are great mnemonics to tell us how many days are in a month, there aren’t any to tell us whether the product number for this engine is #3444358 or #43334543? Did it cost $15 or $18? It’s a hassle having to look these up in reference guides or call back to your office to find out the answer. With a productivity app, the data can automatically be stored so that you never run into this issue again.

If April Showers, Then May Flowers

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Sometimes, you want to record information only if certain conditions are met. For instance, a hotel inspector could implement skip logic a room inspection app. The skip logic could allow the field inspectors to only have to fill out detailed information for the rooms which had problems. That way, they aren’t stuck checking fifteen checkboxes that say “good” for each room they inspect. Save your thumbs the workout!

Green Fields Required

We all know that in order to have fun in the spring, grassy fields are required. But there’s also another kind of required fields that can help save you time.  Required fields in productivity automatically prevent your workers from filing any documents that are missing crucial information. Save yourself the headache by implementing required fields in your productivity apps.

Are you ready to spring into action?