Small Business News Roundup 2/7/14

By katie simpson on February 8, 2014

From snowstorms to the Sochi Winter Olympics, it’s been a busy week for the world. Didn’t have time to catch up on news important to business? Don’t worry, we have you covered. 

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1. Every business knows the devil is in the details, but what did it take to get the Sochi Olympics running? Supply Chain Digital explains the mind boggling expense.

2.  Wish you could use Google +’s Hangouts for your Business? Now you can. 

3. Being grateful won’t just put you in a good mood, it will make you perform better at work. Learn how in this great Forbes‘s article.

The science of staying calm won’t just help your mood, but also your performance (source)

4. Do your kids play Halo, Zelda, Assasin’s Creed or Need for Speed? argues that video games hold lessons to business success.

5. With all the data you collect, how do you begin to analyze it? CMS Wire explains what you need, and how to organize it.

6.  A new report came out on the impact of the Affordable Care Act. The Washington Post gets beyond all the hype to tell you how it will and won’t affect your business.

Enjoy working from home with some great tech gadgets (source)

7. Are you working from home? The holiday season may be over, but Fox Business shares some great tech gadgets to fill your home office.

What did you read this week? Let us know!