Signature Capture, GPS, Image Capture, Time Date Stamps and More Take Your Mobile Apps Beyond Paper

By James W Quigley on May 13, 2014

GoCanvas subscribers enjoy better and faster information with some of our most popular features for mobile apps.  They have faster sales cycles, better customer service, and dramatically. And this all is done without weeks of time spent developing mobile forms and apps!

The GoCanvas App Builder does a terrific job of allowing you to create your own mobile apps that include GPS location, image & signature capture, real time date/time stamps and more right from your mobile devices. In fact, you could build an app in less than an hour for your mobile devices. As always, your mobile apps will work on Windows XP and above, Android, and iPhone/iPad mobile devices.

With the GoCanvas App Builder you can add:

  • Date/Time Stamps: Collect date and time stamps without lifting a finger. When you open GoCanvas on your mobile devices, we can embed the actual time/date. This is great for when you are building mobile apps for time cards, delivery confirmation, or daily inspections.
  • Take Photos: You can take pictures, or insert a picture you already have in your device gallery into your mobile apps. Pictures are great for documenting equipment issues, safety reports, fire safety inspections, before and after images, and delivering accurate real-time data to your managers.
  • Computer Calculations: GoCanvas mobile apps can do the math for items like sales orders, tax calculations, inventory quantities, and energy audits.  Easily calculate your labor costs by combining calculations and time stamps.
  • Collect Signatures: Collect signatures right from your mobile devices to confirm product delivery, sales of products, employee validation and more.  The ability to collect signatures right from mobile devices is one of the biggest trending topics in real-time data collection.
  • Drawing: Turn your touch screen mobile devices into an electronic draw pad.  Collect room dimensions, accident drawings and more.
  • Capture Location with GPS: With GoCanvas mobile apps, it’s easy to collect the location on your mobile forms. Whether you are looking for a general location or you are looking to get a GPS stamp down to the meter, you can achieve it with GoCanvas.

Going beyond paper and improving real-time data reporting with GoCanvas mobile apps is easy to do, and with our growing set of features, you can be assured that our solution will be flexible and powerful enough to fit your business needs.

Thinking about building your own mobile forms or mobile applications? Don’t forget about the GoCanvas Application Store! Within our app store you will find over 20,000+ pre-built mobile apps that allow you to get started even faster with GoCanvas. The GoCanvas app store lets you get started with templates of the most popular forms from every industry! Start going paperless with these free apps today!

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