Signature Capture And GPS Capture Using Android Samsung Galaxy Tab

By Chris Morrisette on March 2, 2011

Due to its form factor, the GoCanvas team thinks the Samsung Tab running Android is a great way to fill out forms and capture data.  It is also this tablet form factor that makes it perfect for capturing a signature and GPS coordinates.  In this article we walk through how easy it is to use GoCanvas on Android to record information and capture a signature, much like you would using a paper form, but then we go beyond paper by also capturing GPS coordinates and demonstrate what this would look like running on a Samsung Tab.  While walking through this article, keep in mind that in addition to Android, GoCanvas supports BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad and Windows Mobile.

Building The Sample Safety Inspection App

The “Sample Safety Inspection” GoCanvas app we built for this article took about 5 minutes to build using the GoCanvas App Builder.  The screens are simple, but help to demonstrate the functionality we want to show.  

Steps To Build The “Sample Safety Inspection App”

1. Signup for a free trial of Canvas

2. On the “My Apps” tab within the GoCanvas website, click “Create New App”

3. Specify the name “Sample Safety Inspection App” and click “Save and launch builder”

4. Within the GoCanvas App Builder – build the three screens

“Customer Information” screen – contains a few simple text boxes, a value list and a GPS control to capture the current location

“Inspection List” screen – contains a list of inspection items to check off once they are inspected

“Signature” screen – contains a signature control for the user to sign and a text control for the user to type in their name

5. Click “Save and Publish” and make sure that the GoCanvas login you want to use this app with is checked.

Safety Inspection App On the Android Samsung Tab

Once you have built the GoCanvas app using the GoCanvas App Builder, you can then log in on your Samsung Tab and open the application.  Below are screenshots of what the application will look like running on a Samsung Tab:

1. Customer Information Screen

Samsung Tab Android Customer Information Screen

2. Inspection List Screen

Inspection Check List Android Samsung Tab

3. Signature Screen

Signature Capture Android Samsung Tab

Data Captured Using Samsung Tab

Once you upload data from the Samsung Tab, you will be able to view your data online and link out to Google Maps for the captured GPS coordinates and see the signature via your browser or converted to a PDF.  In addition, data collected using your Android Samsung Tab can be exported to Excel or integrated using the GoCanvas webservices API.

An example submission of the Safety Ispection App can be found Samsung Tab Safety Inspection PDF.

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