Reduce Data Entry & Billing Errors with Automated Calculations from GoCanvas

By keith bateman on August 10, 2017

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Automate More With Mobile Forms

Math is hard. Yes, I've finally said it. I still use the calculator on my phone to even conduct the simplest of calculations because I'm afraid of making the slightest error (and I simply write content all day)! Imagine the pressure that field users deal with when they are trying to put together estimates or invoices for materials that cost more than I could ever imagine.

Having to look up material or service costs from a catalog, transport that information to a paper form, and then manual calculate it all up is a process that is extremely open to error. 

This is why GoCanvas has the Calculation field!

This “quick-calc” field essentially allows your field users to input any sets of numbers into their mobile form and have those values run through the formula you have pre-created, which then results in an accurate final total. There is no need for calculators or doing math in your head, GoCanvas does the work for you instantly!

And if you're using the Reference Data feature of GoCanvas, you can have all of your company's materials and price lists be pre-populated into your mobile form as well! This means no more catalogs and no more manual calculations!

Eliminate Manual Errors with Quick Calculations

The best part about using the Calculation field in GoCanvas is that it's incredibly flexible to use within many different processes. The Calculation field allows you to create formulas using any combination of Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division.

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With these different mathematical rules, you are able to create calculations using a variety of different form fields including Number, Time, and Date. 

This means you have the option to create simple or complex calculation formulas for determining everything including:

  • Quantity
  • Cost
  • Time
  • Days

The Biggest Benefits of Automated Calculations

If you are going down the path of using mobile forms, then you should definitely be using Calculation fields.

You will immediately realize the time (and reduced headache) benefits that come from taking the calculator out of your field users' hands and letting the smart device do what it was meant to do.

Some of the additional benefits that you will realize include:

  • 25% Less time spent reviewing reports
  • 25% Increase in data collection speed
  • 50% Increase in data accuracy
  • 100% Less time honing your math skills

Also, remember that if you are using an inspection-type form that you can create built-in scoring using Reference Data and the Calculation field! This essentially means that you can have each question on your mobile form have an assigned point value based on each individual response. Once the mobile form has been filled out, each question's point value can then be automatically calculated to give the report a final score! This is an amazing way to give you, your users, and even your customers instant insight into their performance! You can click here to learn more about setting up scoring!

If you're ready to start building calculations within your mobile forms, click here!

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