UK Electrical Contractor Saves 700+ Hours with Mobile Service Inspections

By Kassidi Koronkowski on August 28, 2018

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  • Industry: Electrical, Fire, and Security Services
  • HQ Location: Grimsby, England
  • Website: Visit Here

Quick Facts

  • Created & deployed 10+ mobile forms
  • Savings of £6,000 in paper costs since deployment
  • Over 1,000 mobile forms submitted in first 6 months

Implementing Time Saving Technology

For the past 13 years, Lincs Electrical Services has been servicing the needs of both commercial and industrial clients within the UK.

As a growing business, Lincs was becoming overwhelmed with the amount of paperwork that was being collected on a weekly basis. Field technicians would manually fill out each report by hand and then proceed to email/drive them back to the office. These reports would then be processed by three office staffers who would be required to re-input the information into their back-end systems. This manual data input process would waste up to 15 hours each week.

This is when Jamie Hamilton of Lincs Electrical Services realized that his teams needed a better way to collect and share data. He spoke with a representative at GoCanvas and decided that it was the perfect platform for automating their business processes.

We tried other automation solutions, but none were as easy or user-friendly as GoCanvas

Two of the first processes that Linc converted into mobile apps were their Safety Inspections and Accident Reports. With these two mobile forms, Jamie was able to deploy GoCanvas to his field technicians within days and begin seeing the impact. Reports were now able to be shared, reviewed, and retrieved in real-time.

Since then, they have created and deployed a variety of different mobile forms including:

  • Panel Safety Inspection
  • Risk Assessment
  • Emergency Lightening Inspection
  • Visual Inspection Report
  • Job Order Report

These are just a few examples of the different process that Lincs has begun to convert into the GoCanvas platform. They have been able to do this so quickly because of how simple the App Builder and PDF Designer are to use.

We tried other automation solutions, but none were as easy or user-friendly as GoCanvas”, said Jamie Hamilton.

Realizing the Benefits of Going Mobile 

Since going paperless just 6 months ago, Lincs Electrical Services has captured 1,000+ digital records and recovered over 700 hours in productivity with their custom GoCanvas mobile forms!

Features such as “Required Fields” ensure that Lincs field technicians always complete their reports with the necessary information. This allows the office staff to process forms today in just minutes, not hours. And with all the information flowing directly from their mobile device to the back-office in real-time, forms no longer are being delayed or lost in transit.

This means customers receive their copies immediately, and that reports can be retrieved at a moments notice. This functionality is essential for Lincs as they have three separate service divisions, and searching for records previously was extremely time-consuming. Now that all their records are digital and centralized, customers history and material lists can be fully integrated directly into the mobile forms. This equates to a better experience for both the customer and the technician.

Overall, Lincs is just beginning to see the true impact of automating their paperwork with GoCanvas!

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