Laboratory Compliance Company Using GoCanvas Mobile Apps & Android Devices to Document Service Work

By Jason Good on January 18, 2012

lab equipment

Top laboratories used by the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies and universities contain some of the most technologically advanced equipment in the world.  This equipment requires regular maintenance and callibration in order for it to function properly.  One of Canvas’s newest customers provides laboratory compliance and maintenance services.  They have turned to GoCanvas to document the work they perform for their customers.  

GoCanvas has a number of customers using customized GoCanvas Apps to document their work when inspecting, maintaining, and callibrating laboratory equipment.  This latest customer built their own GoCanvas App with our App Builder tool that is available to all of our customers.  Canvas’s service allowed them to tailor their App specifically to their business and to their customers.  Model numbers and equipment names and manufacturers that they support are all available in drop-down menus so they can quickly do their work without having to write these things down.  The work they do with valves, syringes, rotor seals, lamps, optics and more can easily be documented using their own customized GoCanvas mobile App!  They also are capturing the number of hours and days that are spent on each job.

Laboratory equipment must be well-maintained.  And this GoCanvas customer’s goal is to provide the best analytical laboratory service in their industry.  GoCanvas allows them to do their work quickly, efficiently and legibly so there is no doubt about what work was done.  And I’m sure their clients are impressed when they walk in with their Android devices instead of clipboards and pens!