Interested in Becoming a GoCanvas Reseller?  Have Content? Let’s Partner Up!

By Michael Benedict on March 25, 2013

GoCanvas Reseller Program

GoCanvas is looking for companies, consultancies and individuals who see the enormous benefits of migrating data collection from pen and paper to mobile apps.  So who are they? They are a diverse group – from IT consultancies who want to offer mobile apps to complement their data integration capabilities to companies in verticals (like construction) who have gone mobile and want to get their colleagues and yes, even their competitors, on mobile. 

Why do they do this?  Apart from knowing they’re doing something good for the planet by eliminating paperwork, they are also earning commissions. GoCanvas pays 30% recurring commissions for each paying subscriber they bring in.  The best part? GoCanvas still handles all the billing, tech support and other subscriber questions.  As a Reseller, they also benefit from having a dedicated Account Manager.

Some of our Resellers, however, want to do more than just resell.  Some want to offer content as well.

GoCanvas Content Partner Program

If you’ve browsed the GoCanvas Application Store lately you’ll notice a lot of names tied to those apps like Deluxe, Elevation, Information Design London, Safety-Link Consulting, Value Printing, Black Bee Mobile, ComplyRight and many, many more. These companies range from one-person consultancies to multi-billion printers.  They share several things in common – most notably – they have content i.e. paper forms that are specific to an industry, country, etc. They want to translate these forms into mobile apps and promote them. So they come to us.  What do we do for them? We help turn those forms into mobile apps and merchandise them i.e. create those YouTube videos on specific app pages, descriptions of the apps and more.  The best part? You get your own Application Store within the GoCanvas Application Store at no charge.  It has your branding, a description about your company and links back to your site. 

As a Content Partner, revenues are shared a couple of ways. First, if you promote GoCanvas on your website and in other marketing activities and drive someone to GoCanvas who in turn becomes a paying subscriber, we share in 30% of that user’s recurring spending.  On the other hand, if someone is randomly searching in Google e.g. Ash Dieback Identification for iPad, and your app is the first one they download and they become a paying subscriber, for doing nothing more than having an app in the Store, we share 15% of that subscriber’s recurring spending. 

Interested in learning more about these programs?  Check out our new Partner Page and let’s talk. Looking forward to partnering with you!