[Infographic] June is National Safety Month – Are Your Protecting Your Employees?

By keith bateman on June 3, 2016

Journey to Safety Excellence - Creating a safer work enviroment

June is National Safety Month, a movement promoted by the National Safety Council to help raise awareness about occupational safety and the 13,000 American workers who are injured on the job every single day. 

The infographic below will illustrate the amount of productivity that is lost when employee safety and occupational health are not made a priority. Some of the key figures that stand out are:

  • 90,000+ work place injuries a week
  • 99,000,000 days of work place productivity lost due to injuries in one year
  • Slip, Trips, and Falls account for 25% of the most common work-related injuries

We are going to analyze a few of the industries that are most affected by workplace injuries and safety, and how GoCanvas can assist with decreasing the occurrence of such incidents!

  1. Construction: Contractors are many times unable to adequately manage their work crews and document work place injuries because of the time it takes to collect, analyze, and react to information they receive via paper-based forms. With GoCanvas, the time between data getting from A to Z is eliminated by 50% because there is literally no need for manual intervention. As soon as a supervisor fills out his daily Safety Inspection Report, it will be instantly transmitted to the Safety Director via email and available on the cloud database. From here the Safety Director can analyze the situation in real-time, and determine the best course of action to reduce the risk of injury on that project site. This all takes place within minutes, not days or weeks. These simple step can have a dramatic effect in increasing employee safety while reducing workers' compensation for preventable work place injuries.
  2. Transportation: Companies in the business of shipping cargo or moving equipment need to be extremely careful of the dangers that surround their job. One of the biggest dangers in this profession is the actual transportation vehicle itself. GoCanvas provides many companies with the means of assigning, completing, and maintaining DOT driver vehicle inspections. Now companies can ensure that their drivers are maintaining adequate daily records that meet company and DOT safety rules and regulations on occupational safety. The best part is, these files are all digitally stored and available during the case of an internal or external audit. 
  3. Installation, Maintenance, Repair: This industry has many of the same concerns and risks that surround the construction field in terms of employee safety. Having the ability to adequately track, monitor, and maintain accurate job site records is of the utmost importance in reducing work-related injuries. GoCanvas gives companies the ability to not only track issues as they happen, but export the information into business intelligence systems as well as Excel, where trends can be noticed and appropriate action implemented by healthy and safety personnel. 

In summary, workplace safety is something that should be of the utmost importance to every health and safety professional, no matter the industry. If you are not properly training your employees on safety rules and equipping them with the proper personal protective equipment, then you are a part of the problem. Workplace safety is everyone's job. Everyone has to chip in to make sure that the health and safety of every employee are made a priority before gains and profits. If you don't create a safe work environment, The Occupational Safety and Health Administration will shut down your site or fine you hundreds of thousands of dollars due to work-related injuries or for failure to follow basic safety rules. Do the right thing for your business, BE SAFE!

Journey to Safety Excellence - Creating a safer work enviroment
Provided by the National Safety Council

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