How Australia’s Leading Heavy Haulage Provider, Centurion Transport, Saves Over $100,000 Annually with Mobile Daily Reports and Work Orders

By Kassidi Koronkowski on May 17, 2019


  • Industry: Transportation and Logistics Service
  • HQ Location: Perth, AU
  • Website: Visit Here


  • Over 75,000+ Digital Reports Produced Annually
  • $56,000+ Productivity Savings
  • $50,000 + Paper Cost Savings

The Case for GoCanvas

Centurion, is the largest heavy haulage provider in Australia. They deliver national supply chain solutions to the resources, energy, construction & retail sectors throughout Western Australia, Queensland & the Northern Territory.

Prior to GoCanvas, Centurion collected information from their drivers via paper. Paperwork was difficult to keep track of and was very costly as reporting errors and long turnaround times were common. With a workforce that primarily works out on the road, drivers and office staff found that paperwork was hindering their ability to grow. Since information was collected by pen and paper, items such as work orders and job reports, may have taken a week or more to return and process. They needed a solution so that drivers did not need to pick up and bring back paperwork back to the office each day.

Centurion decided they needed to eliminate their paper processes. Their goal was to become a paperless company. When they came across GoCanvas it was a clear solution to their dilemma.

“GoCanvas makes data capture much easier to be mobile and it is great getting the information instantly”

-Sean Nun-Thawng, IT Support at Centurion



Benefits of Automation and Efficiency

Now when Centurion drivers are delivering goods to the customer the job information automatically pre-populates on the work order. GoCanvas makes it so all the driver must do is make sure to get the items signed off and then a delivery receipt is automatically sent to both the office and the customer. Office staff are also able to track the drivers journey to make sure they went through the process correctly with the GPS functionality. These functions improve the quality of their work for not just the company but the customer as well.

Trucking companies, big and small, that operate in almost every industry can search from over 20,000 pre-built mobile form templates in the GoCanvas Application store or drill down further and look specifically at mobile form templates for Transportation and Warehousing. These can be completely customized with the online, drag-and-drop App Builder tool to fit an organizations’ specific processes.  Using that same tool many businesses, like Centurion, elect to build their own mobile forms from scratch. Centurion ultimately chose GoCanvas because of the platform’s design flexibility and quick deployment. Below are a few examples of forms Centurion uses on the field:

  • Time Sheets
  • Work Orders
  • Daily Reports
  • Driver Training Checklists
  • Trailer Loading Report
  • Truck Inspections

Since fully implementing GoCanvas Centurion has been able to totally change the way they do business. With their new mobile forms, the company supervisors no longer have to chase down trucks to retrieve valuable information. Every crew is now able to submit their daily field and truck audits from wherever they are, and their office staff gets alerted in real-time.

Centurion has continued to improve the way they handle information capture by integrating GoCanvas with their own servers. Now when certain form submissions are created they will automatically generate an email to specified user groups and be uploaded to the company website. This lets users log in on the Centurion site and automatically see their relevant documents.

Overall, the trucking company has seen an amazing return on their investment in GoCanvas. Their returns have not only shown up on the balance sheet, but also in their daily productivity as a business.

Now you can easily modernize the way you are managing your fleet operations. Whether you are looking to improve your data handling processes or improve your truck driver safety, we hope you consider using GoCanvas as your data collection tool. Sign up for GoCanvas free and give our platform a try today!

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