How Allied Air Conditioning & Heating Saves $32K a Year with One App from GoCanvas

By keith bateman on April 12, 2016

Allied Air Conditioning & Heating Company

GoCanvas Apps Used

  • Service Invoice


  • Overall efficiency improvements
  • Increase in daily jobs performed
  • Billing accuracy
  • Reduction in service call-backs


Allied Air Conditioning & Heating Corporation started their business in 1969 servicing the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago. Today they have grown into one of the largest HVAC contractors in the Chicagoland area that ranks in the top 2% nationwide in sales volume. They specialize in new heating and air conditioner system  installation, repair, replacement, and seasonal maintenance. With 24-hour emergency service available 365 days a year, the ACCA certified technicians at Allied Air are always on call when their customers need them.

Before Canvas

Allied Air prior to GoCanvas was knee deep in paper forms. Paper was being used for keeping inventory, customer information, and billing. With all this paper being used, Allied Air did not have a clear or accurate picture of what was being done by their HVAC technicians on a daily basis. Also, the use of paper forms led to problems with inaccurate customer data because of messy handwriting and missing information. Employees in the Allied Air office would end up spending hours per week transferring the information from their paper forms back into their computer system.


Last year, Allied Air went live with the GoCanvas App in order to start streamlining many of the processes that were being slowed down by using paper. Allied chose GoCanvas, the global leader in mobile apps for businesses, because of the flexibility of the platform and its quick deployment structure. The GoCanvas App has helped thousands of businesses replace cumbersome paper forms with easy to use mobile processes that greatly improve productivity.

Businesses can search from over 20,000+ pre-built app templates in the GoCanvas Application Store (several of which are designed specifically for commercial HVAC companies) that can be completely customized with the online, drag-and-drop App Builder tool.  Using that same tool, many businesses elect to build their own from scratch.  Factor in powerful features like Dispatch, Workflow, uploading your price and customer lists, and integration with other systems and the GoCanvas platform changes the way work gets done.

Kevin Budinger, Vice President of Allied Air, commented on the reason and benefits of implementing the GoCanvas App. He remarked that “Having all that accurate information quickly and electronically is so valuable to our business and to our customers because we can send them live, near-real-time information.” 


Like many customers, Kevin and his team at Allied Air began speaking with a Senior Consultant at GoCanvas to analyze their process and identify where the issues were located. After that discussion, the team at GoCanvas got to work customizing the platform to fit Allied’s specific business process needs. This was quickly done with the use of GoCanvas’ powerful App Builder tool, which allows “citizen developers” to create their own apps to meet their specifications without any coding or techy language. Kevin was also able to quickly add his 19 service techs to begin testing out the new paperless process and start centralizing all their data within a couple weeks.

After GoCanvas

Allied Air will celebrate their one year anniversary of implementing GoCanvas in April, and is set to exceed over 14,000 digital data submissions across their 19 HVAC technicians. Allied Air has used GoCanvas primarily to overhaul their entire invoice process and is averaging over 1,160 paperless invoices per month using the GoCanvas App. Kevin Budinger commented that “with this solution, I can see exactly what happens each day and manage our business more effectively.” This has all culminated in financial success for the company.


Since Allied Air started using the GoCanvas App last April, they have seen a huge reduction in administrative costs and increase in technician efficiency.

  • Increase in Operation Efficiency – Allied Air uses the Dispatch feature of GoCanvas to schedule, assign, and track the completion status of jobs in real-time. This allows them to know if anything needs to be rescheduled, quickly assign an emergency job, or see if jobs are being completed on time throughout the day. This totaled to $31,200 in annual administrative cost savings. 
  • Accurate Inventory – With the GoCanvas App, Allied Air was able to upload their complete parts list including category listing, name, detail, and price per part. Now when a technician fills out an invoice for a customer, they can easily choose the correct parts they want to add to the bill instead of having to look it up in a catalog book or guess what the price of the part is. All this data ties back in their Inventory Management system to ensure trucks are always stocked with the right parts to complete the job.
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction – By implementing GoCanvas, Allied Air has been able to reduce the number of service call-backs and increase the number a daily jobs completed.