4 Healthcare Apps that Improve Medical Visits

By Nick Mirisis on February 3, 2020
Tags: Data Collection

Healthcare Apps to Improve Productivity and Patient Experience

Are you looking for an easy and efficient way to improve your patients’ medical visit experience? With the medical field constantly evolving, having the tools you need to succeed is of the highest importance—especially when even the smallest error, miscommunication, or oversight can have a drastic negative impact on a patient’s health. Here are five HIPAA-compliant healthcare apps that can improve medical visits. 

Medical Patient History App

Mobile forms can improve the way you collect, store, and access your patient’s medical history. With the Medical Patient History App, you can forget the days of incomplete or illegible paperwork. Instead, you can collect your patient’s medical and family history—including symptoms, allergies, medications, and more—within this secure mobile app. This leads to an accurate and quick medical patient history acquisition. Mobile data collections are easy to edit and update as your patient’s condition evolves. This digital medium can also eliminate the misunderstandings or confusion that can come with hand-written paperwork. The efficiency and convenience that this app provides can save your medical practice time and money while improving your patients’ experience. 

New Medical Patient Information | Collect Patient Information

With the New Medical Patient Information mobile app, you can collect information on a tablet at patient check-in. This reduces the amount of time it takes for your medical staff to transcribe new patient information from paper documents to your internal computer system. This app is also helpful for social workers, home health nurse practitioners, and other medical professionals working in the field, allowing you to accurately and efficiently track patient medical records from the convenience of your mobile device. 

Patient Information Mobile App

HIPAA Client Consent Form | Medical Mobile Forms

HIPPA compliance is an essential element of the medical field. With the HIPAA Client Consent Form, you can easily collect, store, and later access this necessary document. The mobile app includes a signature capture integration and other advanced features to help keep you organized. Once this form is completed, it can be synchronized to the GoCanvas Cloud for simple data storage and management. 

Doctor Visit Note Application

Another revolutionary tool to improve the patient’s experience is the Doctor Visit Note app. This mobile application allows the doctor or nurse to quickly and easily record information about the patient’s visit, diagnoses, treatment plans, and more. If you have a patient who has trouble remembering what their specialty care provider told them, or following the care plans you created for them, this app can help. With the Doctor Visit Note app, the healthcare provider details important reminders such as prescribed medications, lab results, referral information and more. With the ability to print out these details in a PDF,  patients can keep their families, friends, and medical providers informed in their areas of needed care.

Get GoCanvas | Medical Application Platform

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