GoCanvas vs. Fleet Complete: Which is the Best Fleet Management Platform

By GoCanvas Team on December 12, 2022

What is Fleet Complete?

Fleet Complete is a comprehensive fleet management solution that offers fleet, safety and compliance, fuel management, and more features. The FC Hub brings a modernized user interface and AI-powered video telematics but is it the right solution for your business?

Features of Fleet Complete

There are many features to Fleet Complete, including:

Fleet Management

Fleet Complete offers fleet management that helps businesses keep track of their assets, including vehicles, trailers, and cargo. It also tracks driver performance, accident reports, and other vital information required for a successful operation.

Driver Safety and Compliance Management

Fleet Complete’s safety program and compliance management feature help your fleet comply with relevant regulations. It comprehensively tracks drivers’ hours, fuel usage, and other relevant data points to ensure that you stay compliant.

FirstNet Verified Solutions

Fleet Complete provides access to FirstNet Verified Solutions, which helps fleets stay compliant with government regulations. The FirstNet-Verified solutions include real-time tracking, vehicle management, and more.

Task Management

Fleet Complete provides task management that helps fleets manage their day-to-day operations. The tool allows setting up tasks and assigning them to employees, with notifications sent when complete.

Dispatch Delivery, Field Service Management

Fleet Complete offers dispatch delivery and field service management to help businesses streamline their operations. It includes GPS tracking, route optimization, and other features that make managing a fleet of vehicles easy.

Original Equipment Manufacturers

Fleet Complete also includes integration with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), which helps with the maintenance and repair of vehicles. This integration allows essential data to be shared between OEMs and your fleet so you can monitor performance, diagnose problems, and more.

Asset Tracker Management

Fleet Complete offers asset management tools to help businesses keep track of their assets. It includes tracking vehicle registrations, inventory, and maintenance records.

ProServices by Fleet Complete

Fleet Complete provides ProServices to help businesses with remote diagnostics, user support, and other services.

What is GoCanvas?

GoCanvas is a mobile platform that helps businesses automate their fleet management. It offers features like GPS tracking, route optimization, and more. It also makes it easy to manage tasks and assign them to employees.

Features of GoCanvas

GoCanvas offers the following features and fleet management tools for fleet operations of all sizes:

Fleet Safety & Compliance

GoCanvas offers features to help fleets comply with regulations, including GPS tracking and automated driver scorecards. It also includes a Driver Identification System and an Electronic Logging Device (ELD).

Fleet Tracking & Management

GoCanvas allows fleets to track their vehicles in real-time, manage tasks and assign them to employees. The platform also includes features like route optimization that can help fleets save time and money.

Real-Time Insights

GoCanvas provides real-time insights into fleet operations, including driver performance, fuel usage, and more.

Mobile App Builder

GoCanvas also includes a mobile app builder, allowing companies to seamlessly create custom mobile apps for their fleet operations.

Data Capture & Automation

GoCanvas enables businesses to capture data from their fleet operations and automate manual tasks. This helps make managing a fleet easier, faster, and more efficient.

Route Optimization

GoCanvas also includes route optimization features that help fleets save time and money. The platform allows users to plan routes, monitor driver performance, and more.

Reporting & Analytics

GoCanvas includes reporting and analytics tools to help businesses analyze the data from their fleet operations. This helps them make informed decisions about their fleet operations, such as optimizing routes or improving driver performance.

Fleet Complete vs. GoCanvas

Some businesses don’t need all the features that Fleet Complete offers and they don’t want to pay for these extras. But they still want automation, mobile access, etc., for their fleet management. For those businesses, GoCanvas is a great alternative. With less bells and whistles, GoCanvas features a strong core arsenal of activities that can help companies automate their fleet management and have mobile access.  It can provide easy form creation, data capture on mobile devices, and reporting in minutes. To learn more, contact GoCanvas today.