GoCanvas and Procore: Make Your Tech Work for you

By GoCanvas Team on December 2, 2022

Joining Forces To Harness the Power of Data Collection

GoCanvas and Procore have partnered to enable users to get the most from their solutions. Using a combination of GoCanvas and Procore, construction companies can harness the power of comprehensive data collection to keep the office and jobsite connected, all on one platform. 

Streamline Your Digital Transformation in Construction

GoCanvas and Procore makes it easy to take full advantage of your data.  Optimize data collection and integration with a variety of features and capabilities, including:

  • More than 30,000 customizable form templates
  • Mitigation of risks using maintenance, safety, and OSHA forms
  • Enabling users to search and select reference data with ease
  • A custom analytics dashboard that allows for combined data viewing
  • Real-time workflow and approval kickoff
  • Dispatching to the field with pre-populated data
  • Sharing form submission data to Procore along with other platforms
  • Incorporate barcode scanning into any form

By combining GoCanvas and Procore, users can mitigate risk, empower field service staff, reduce cost, and increase visibility.

Solving Pain Points with GoCanvas Data Integration

Procore offers plenty of capabilities that make it easy to manage your construction business. However, data integration through GoCanvas can solve certain pain points that might otherwise hold you back.

Some of these solutions include:

  • Automatic bi-directional data flow that optimizes both Procore and GoCanvas
  • Custom analytics dashboard with combined data from both GoCanvas and Procore
  • Transformation of operations through mobile data capture with flexible form functionality
  • Intelligent workflows that connect teams

As a result, construction firms can benefit from:

  • Increased accountability and oversight for improved risk mitigation
  • Simplification of tasks to help increase overall efficiency while reducing costs
  • Optimization of service operations and increased technician efficiency

About GoCanvas

GoCanvas is a leading provider of digital forms and solutions that make communication seamless, both in the office and in the field. This digital transformation tool empowers organizations to gather accurate data from the field, even offline, in real-time. In addition, they strive to provide solutions that improve customer efficiency, reduce risks, and make informed decisions. Over 5,000 companies in construction, field services, manufacturing, utilities, and fleet management are building their business using GoCanvas, using their curated and customizable forms. 

About Procore

Procore is a mobile project management software that gives both office and field teams the tools they need to connect.

With the help of Procore, companies can effectively manage project budgets with consistently dependable data from the field. This digital transformation tool uses a single platform to assign, log, and address any issues they identify. In addition, Procore makes it easy to streamline billing, collect bids, and distribute information using a central solution.

GoCanvas hopes to enable Procore users to get the most from this solution with enhanced data collection and connectivity.