Creating an Online Form

Go Paperless – There is an App For That

By Nick Mirisis on November 22, 2019

Go Paperless – Mobile Forms for Your Business

In the current digital era, paper processes are often rendered more useless, inconvenient, and expensive than accessible digital variants. For companies that are looking for areas of improvement for efficiency and a decrease in costs, going paperless is a reasonable solution. While this may seem like a daunting transition, the GoCanvas app is designed to make going paperless a breeze. Learn more here about how GoCanvas can help you transition your company to a completely paperless system.

Create, Edit, Save, and Share Custom Forms

Creating custom forms is simple with GoCanvas. The app creation process is intuitive, with on-screen guidance, abundant available resources, and responsive customer support on standby. Using thousands of pre-built templates, many designed for specific businesses and industries, you can also choose to edit an existing template instead of building your own app from scratch. Once you are finished creating your custom forms, they are immediately accessible from your mobile device and ready for use in the office or the field.

Creating an Online Form

Advanced Features and Integrations

One of the primary benefits of transitioning to mobile forms is the efficiency they provide. Mobile form applications are digital variants of your existing documents, with the added enhancement of advanced features. Features include GPS location confirmation, signature capture, barcode scanning, mobile payments, and image capture, among others, which can all be integrated directly into your mobile application. The dynamic nature of mobile forms allows you to condense multiple steps of your internal processes into a single app. In this sense, going paperless allows you to streamline your workflow processes to create ease and efficiency. 

Save Money By Going Paperless

Not only does a paperless work system save you time and convenience, but it can also help you cut back on your company’s overhead costs. Studies show that the paper industry brings in billions of dollars of revenue each year, much of which is derived from corporate spending. Converting to a paperless system allows you to save money on paper, shredding, ink, and storage costs, while eliminating the hassles that come with paper forms. 

Resolving Legibility and Submission Issues

As an additional benefit of going paperless, readability is higher on digital interfaces. This eliminates legibility issues and problems with lost or damaged forms. Digital form submission is also much quicker than paper variants. By going paperless, you can send documents to clients, sub-contractors, and others instantly, reducing the need for snail mail, scanning, and the time and costs associated with these processes. 

Going Paperless: How You Can Make it Work

Are you wondering if the paperless system is feasible for your business? Here is a recent success story to provide insight into the accessibility of the paperless process. US Inspect, the leading residential inspection company in the United States, made the switch to a paperless system this year using GoCanvas. The digital process conversion was a success, leading to an increase in ease, efficiency, and profitability for this company. US Inspect now saves more than $720,000 each year, as well as more than 9,900 annual hours of productivity, by using GoCanvas. Read the full details about US Inspect’s transition to a paperless system here.

Get GoCanvas

If you are ready to take your business paperless, sign up for GoCanvas today! This advanced system and our attentive network of customer support can support you through the transition to a paperless company. You can try GoCanvas for free to experience all of these benefits today!