Free Equipment Checkout Form Templates

By The GoCanvas Team on January 3, 2022

Construction job sites require workers to use heavy equipment, tools, and other important assets. Keeping track of your equipment is an essential part of the job and having processes in place helps ensure equipment is well managed.

Some companies choose to manage this process with simple equipment checkout forms on site using paper. But paper forms are not always ideal for growing businesses that need to establish documented processes for tracking equipment and inventory checkout. Instead of relying on paper forms, construction firms can use mobile apps and forms for easier management and visibility into job site operations.

Continue reading this article to learn how mobile forms can be used for managing the equipment checkout process.

Why do you need a digital equipment checkout form?

Printable checkout forms using paper have a few disadvantages. Here are some of the top reasons to consider going paperless:

Paper forms can be easily lost or corrupted

Unfortunately it can be very easy to misplace or lose important forms when using paper. When managing assets like equipment, issues with paper work can lead to valuable things potentially becoming lost or misplaced.

Companies looking to simplify inventory management and asset tracking have gone the way of digital apps that make it easy to keep track of checkout and equipment forms. Since records are stored digitally to the cloud (even without an internet connection), you can be sure that forms are never lost and are easily accessible from anywhere.

The other downside with paper forms is that sometimes information is not filled out entirely, leaving off important details on the form. This can require you to track down the information later on or deal with incomplete data. Mobile apps help to ensure that data is filled out correctly every time, with required fields, drop-down lists, GPS tracking, and other features that promote standardized data.

Printable forms provide limited visibility in real-time

Digital apps also provide a better system to work between job site and office. While paper forms tend to become siloed, information stored to the cloud is easy to report on and track from anywhere.

For equipment management, this means your team has greater visibility across multiple job sites and information can be tracked in real-time. This can save time for everyone involved and provide a better solution for documenting and reporting on equipment being used for construction projects. Bringing information online can help to streamline tasks and improve workflows between disparate teams and locations.

GoCanvas Equipment Checkout Form Templates – Start Your Free Trial

GoCanvas is a leader provider of mobile apps for the construction industry, helping contractors worldwide to streamline their operations. Our mobile forms are completely customizable to your business needs, providing an easy-to-use platform for managing how work gets done. GoCanvas offers many pre-built form templates for the construction industry, like our equipment checkout form.

equipment checkout form template example

Key benefits of this app:

  • Equipment log that is designed to keep track of tools and other assets securely from a centralized platform for contractors
  • Ensure you know where heavy equipment and rentals are being used, helping to avoid lost tools and costly replacements
  • Customize what information is collected, from name of the tool, serial number, date and time, condition of the equipment, and more.
  • Collect digital signatures to provide an electronic record 
  • Sync to analytics and reporting tools to easily run reports or export them to PDFs to share via email.

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