Even Barbie Uses a Tablet For Business! Cultures Shift, Kids See How They Will Work in the Future

By James W Quigley on February 2, 2012

Barbie on iPadOk, I will admit it… I take my kids through the fast food drive through at times.  Maybe more than I should.  The last time through my oldest daughter was excited to share how Barbie was using GoCanvas, and when she showed me her Kids Meal box I saw in fact Barbie hard at work as a fashion designer using a tablet that looked suspciously like an iPad.  This was part of a program Mattel had put together promoting all the different occuptations Barbie and in turn young girls visualize themselves in someday.  Having two young girls, the program has a great message and goal.   What was equally amusing from my conversation with my daughter was how she thought it was odd though that the Doctor Barbie was still carrying a clipboard, which made me look at all of the occupations and how some of the other Barbie’s in technical career’s were stuck behind Fashion Barbie.  

Barbie Careers and Using Paper

News anchor Barbie looks like she either has a tablet, or even a Mac. Maybe it is a clipboard?  Architect Barbie and Doctor Barbie (arguably the more technical occupations shown) are both completely mired in paper and in the case of Doctor Barbie full of smiles but carrying a clipboard.  Almost all the roles shown, demonstrate the need for data collection, access and sharing.   Lessons learned on our side…  I guess we need to add more “Fashion Apps” as that is the career path truly utilizing this generation’s technology.   That and poor Doctor Barbie needs to trade in her pink Clipboard for a Tablet or Smartphone.  Just saying….

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