Construction Loan Inspection Wins Business with GoCanvas Mobile Apps on iPad

By scott shea on September 11, 2012

Construction Loan Inspection Wins Business with GoCanvas Mobile Apps on iPad

Sonny Seneker was simply looking for an app to help his Church track donations.  He had no idea this search would help change how he does business.  Sonny was looking for a simple fill in the blank app.  After doing a basic search, he came across GoCanvas.  He thought the simplicity GoCanvas offered would work well for what his church needed.  The church ending up not using the app, but after spending some time with GoCanvas and the app builder, he realized the powerful potential the service offered.  So he decided to take the idea to his private business.

Sonny’s business, Construction Loan Inspections, does periodic inspections on projects that banks have loaned money to.  This covers everything from the land being cleared for construction, all the way through to the last brick being laid.  Depending on the job, there can be up to 33 stages to the project that need to be inspected over the course of the building phase.  CLI needed the app to be able to track the progress of the project.  With the assistance of a GoCanvas Mobile Apps Consultant, he was able to build the perfect custom form for his business.

CLI was able to use some of the most advanced features of GoCanvas.  Since the job is progressive, the company only wanted to see what was being inspected on that given day.  This was made possible with Canvas’ Conditional Branching feature.  By simply selecting which inspection he was going to perform, the app automatically brings up that section, skipping everything else that is not needed.  With such an extensive app this is imperative to save the inspector’s time.

CLI also took advantage of another powerful tool of GoCanvas — Reference Data.  By using this feature, CLI is able to auto-populate fields specific to certain jobs, just by clicking on the job name.  All this requires is a file uploaded to GoCanvas with the jobs and relevant information.   Click here to learn more about how to upload a database and auto-populating fields.

The inspection company has had tremendous success with the custom mobile app so far.  One bank was satisfied with the current company they were using to perform inspections.  That is until CLI showed them how they were performing the inspections with a GoCanvas mobile app. The bank was blown away by the efficiency and the job was immediately given to them.

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