Commercial and Residential Painting Business Deploys GoCanvas Mobile Apps on Android and iPhone

By Jason Good on December 8, 2011

Owner of painting business uses GoCanvas Mobile App

After 26 years of experience in the painting business, this small business owner now has the “eyes in the back of his head” he always needed to understand what his crews are facing each day while on the job. 

Using the GoCanvas App Builder, he built a daily report that the managers of his multiple crews fill out to inform the owner of their work that day.  They use their Android smart phones to capture information about the work being done and the materials they used.  And most importantly, they take pictures of the job site so the owner can see exactly what is being done.  If they have challenges about the job and need a hand then they can capture that in their report and the owner can provide support and guidance.

This small business owner is always on the go, too, so he receives these reports via email on his iPad.  When your name is on the door it is more important than ever to understand what your remote workforce is doing each day.  GoCanvas Mobile Apps give this owner the edge to improve the quality of the work being done by providing him the business intelligence he needs every day.