GoCanvas Launches Refinery Audit Checklist Mobile Apps

By Michael Benedict on September 18, 2012

Oil Refinery Mobile Apps Canvas

GoCanvas has just launched a series of comprehensive Refinery Audit inspection checklist apps. These internal audit report checklists help refineries stay compliant, improve the risk assessment process, and prepared for inspections. Some of the inspection areas that these audit report apps help you assess include: Layout and Drainage, Fire Protection Facilities, Housekeeping, Training, Inspection and Maintenance, Electricals, Instrumentation, Control Room, Pump House, Compressor House, Heat Exchangers, Condensers and Coolers, Process Vessels and Columns, Process Furnaces, Process Piping, Relief, Disposal System and First Aid.  Refinery safety and safety audits are a vital tool for identifying organizational and operational policies, practices and their effectiveness in accident prevention. They also can have a major impact on company performance and occupational safety on the job site. Now with this new mobile business process, you can now complete these types of inspections right from your smartphone or tablet.

Here are a few examples of internal audit apps that are immediately available: Refinery Audit: Process Plant Checklist (Fuel Oil Block), Audit Process: Plant Checklist (Lube-Block), Refinery Audit: Tank Farm Checklist, Refinery Audit: Process Plant Checklist (DHDS-Block), and Refinery Audit Checklist of LPG (Bulk Loading and Unloading)

Check out all our Refinery Audit Apps HERE. And let us know ASAP if you DON’T see the audit checklist or risk assessment app you need.  If you have paper audit reports you’re using today and are tired of lost, illegible, stained and incomplete inspections, signup today to receive a free trial, so there’s no risk to try going paperless.  Finally, if you’re hiring, you may want to check out our new Job Application Apps (many of which are designed for specific states).