Canadian Installer and Retailer of Automotive Electronic Gear Turns to GoCanvas and iPhones

By Jason Good on July 30, 2012

Canadian Installer and Retailer of Automotive Electronic Gear Turns to GoCanvas and iPhonesLoading up cars and trucks with the latest electronic gagetry is as popular as ever now that there are so many new gadgets out there.  A whole host of television shows attest to the popularity of turning ones vehicle into an entertainment system that also happens to be a car or a truck!  A Canadian subscriber of GoCanvas has a mobile installation team that will install your gear at your location.  And GoCanvas was the perfect way for them to document the work that is done so the owner of the business knows what his team is doing and ensure that installations are done properly.

Sound systems, remote starters, GPS tracking devices for security purposes, GPS systems, televisions, video games and more can now all be installed into cars and other vehicles.  Someone installing these systems have to figure out the best place to install these systems so they are functional and do not interfere with the operation of the vehicle.  There are a lot of wires with some of these systems that need to be run throughout the vehicle so everything works properly.

Given the complexity of these systems, the owner of a Canadian business providing gear and installation via a mobile installation crew wanted a way to document installations.  The placement of the components and the wiring was something he wanted his teams to document so he could be confident that things were being done correctly.  Plus, if a customer decided to rearrange things it was nice to have documentation showing how it was originally installed by his team.

iPhones and GoCanvas to the rescue!!  Using Canvas’s App Builder he created a number of separate Apps (based on the manufacturer of the equipment being installed) for his mobile installers to use.  They can enter data about the job (Vehicle year, make, model and more) and insert pictures.  The pictures show where the various components were placed and where the wire harnesses were placed.  The pictures are inserted into a document along with descriptions typed in by the installer that clearly documents the work that was done.  The ower gets a copy of this report immediately.

All of these reports are stored on Canvas’s servers and are searchable anytime via the GoCanvas website.  So if he needs to check on how a job was originally installed, then he is a few clicks away from pulling up that document.

If you have a mobile team that is doing inspections, creating work orders, creating invoices, doing research and collecting data and they are using pen and paper then you should take a look at GoCanvas!  GoCanvas allows you to build your own App to collect and share your data which will allow your organization to spend less time doing paperwork and more time doing the work that you get paid to do.  Plus it will improve the experience your customers and stakeholders have with you which is what matters the most!

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