Can You Imagine a World Without Laptops?

By Joe Baldwin on April 3, 2013

Mobile device versus Laptop 

Advertising Geared Towards Mobile

Can You Imagine a World Without Laptops? Me neither. Not yet at least but I’ve noticed most of the commercials and advertising dollars these days seem to be spent on mobile devices. Samsung Galaxy aired an excellent commercial called the “Next Big Thing” during the Super Bowl which featured famous actors du jour Seth Rogen, Paul Rudd and the lawyer from Breaking Bad. It’s approaching 22 million views on Youtube. 

 Now, in contrast, this is what came up when I did a search for laptop commercials. It also happens to be a Samsung product. It’s approaching 3200 views on Youtube. 

 What did you think? If you’re like me, you rewound at the 30-second mark a few times to find out if he really did spill the remainder of his coffee on his friend’s face???

 Perhaps more relevant, I noticed the absence of what feels like a decade in technology. The idea of having a laptop at the pool or lugging it around at the airport actually comes across a bit dated, doesn’t it?

 It’s also been a while since we’ve seen Apple heavily advertise any of its other products, remember those “I’m a mac and I’m a PC” commercials they use to run all the time?  Me neither. It’s all about celebrities and Siri these days. Here’s a recent iPhone commercial with someone I wish I was friends with.

The Conversion from Laptops to Mobile Devices

Now I’m not implying that laptops are going anywhere anytime soon. They serve a unique purpose in office work environments that makes them key to certain tasks. However, mobile devices can increasingly be found alongside desktop computers at work. When heading into the field or stepping away from their desks, workers can seamlessly transition to their mobile devices without missing a beat. Will mobile devices eventually meet all of an employee’s needs inside and outside of the office? Large organizations seem to have recognized that technology moves fast and is betting heavily on mobile. Mobile devices keep evolving whereas laptops seemed to have already peaked. We’re all aware that products we once used religiously (floppy disks anyone?) can soon become a thing of the past. 

 Most of the activities that used to be restricted to desktops and laptops can now be completed on mobile devices. This is thanks to advanced platforms like GoCanvas with mobile features such as mobile payments, app builders, calculations, integrations, analytics, and others. In some ways, mobile features can surpass desktop variants such as signature capture and barcode scanning. Mobile devices come with the added convenience of accessing data from anywhere using data when internet access is not available. The smaller, lighter nature of mobile devices makes them easy to transport for working on the go. Overall, mobile devices can effortlessly replace most laptop work. 

Go Mobile with GoCanvas

 So, can I imagine a world without laptops? Yes, I’m trying to stay ahead of the curve. If you are ready to unlock mobile capability for your company, sign up for GoCanvas for free. With a wide range of applications to use across mobile devices, GoCanvas can help you keep up with the latest technology with the convenience of your mobile devices. This system also helps you save your company time and money. Schedule a demo with the GoCanvas team or contact us to get started today!