California-based O.C. Communications Using iPhones & GoCanvas Mobile Apps for Safety Inspections

By Jason Good on March 27, 2012

OC Communications Team Picture
O.C. Communications (, a California-based full-service communications contractor specializing in the installation, project management, and maintenance of communication systems, has turned to iPhones and GoCanvas to complete their safety inspections. For 25 years O.C. Communications has been serving customers like Hilton Hotels, Comcast, Time Warner Cable, and the State of California. They lay over 10,000 miles of cable each year!

O.C. Communications conducts routine safety inspections to ensure that their employees out in the field are complying with their safety regulations. Safety is critical when you’re talking about employees climbing ladders to reach the tops of telephone poles to run cable. Paper-based inspection forms are cumbersome, easily damaged, and compiling data gathered on paper means hand-entering each form into a computer. 

GoCanvas now allows their inspectors to do their inspections with their iPhones and capture the data electronically in the first place.  iPhones are easier to carry than clipboards and have a lot more functionality than pen and paper. Pictures are easily inserted into O.C. Communications’ inspection reports, for example. They inspect their trucks, employee safety equipment such as goggles and boots, ladders, tools, and pole-climbing procedures. Each inspection is sent from the iPhone up to Canvas’s servers where all inspections can be searched and located quickly via Canvas’s website. All inspections are also automatically emailed back to O.C.’s offices, too.  And their inspection data can also be exported as a CSV file for analysis. 

O.C. Communications used Canvas’s powerful App Builder tool to create their own GoCanvas App so they can capture the data they want. The App Builder is an online tool utilizing simple “drag and drop” functionality. GoCanvas customers can edit their Apps anytime. So if O.C. Communications adds new inspection criteria they can easily edit their current App and deploy the updated version instantly to their inspectors. 

GoCanvas is proud to have a company like O.C. Communications using our service. When building this product we had companies like them in mind. Thank you O.C. Communications for going mobile with GoCanvas!