Best Practices for Implementing GoCanvas for Improved Data Collection

By kalliopi vlastos on November 4, 2013

You’ve signed up for a GoCanvas Free Trial. Great! Now what? You can approach the free trial a million different ways, but let me offer a few suggestions to use the free trial efficiently so that you’re ready to go live.


Week One – App Building

During the first week of your GoCanvas free trial, focus on building and/or tweaking apps. There are 3 different ways to approach the app process:

  1. Download a pre-built template from the GoCanvas Application Store.
  2. Send us a form to build into an app for you at our Send Us Your Form page.
  3. Start from scratch and build your own app using the GoCanvas App Builder.

However you approach it, your app will inevitably require changes. You may find that you want to add photos to your form, or perhaps a GPS capture. You’ll end up removing items from your original form because you never really used them.  Embrace the customization process. It’s all about trial and error. Still, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions. We’re the experts and we’re here to help.

Weeks 2 & 3 – Pilot

A pilot is essential to successfully implement any new software or process. GoCanvas is no exception. I recommend establishing a definitive trial period so that you don’t let this project get away from you. Two weeks is ideal because it allows you to test, evaluate, tweak, and then test again before coming to a final decision.

I often suggest to my trial subscribers that they pilot GoCanvas with one employee they consider to be “technical” and another person who is the complete opposite. That will give you a good test group. As for the quantity of users you should test, make sure it’s representative of your larger user base. If you will have 10 users, pilot with 2-3 users. If you have 100 users, pilot with 20-30.

Before starting, establish your list of criteria for a successful trial. Your list should include the problems GoCanvas must solve, or the processes GoCanvas must improve in order for you to consider the trial to be a success. Writing this information down will help you during the evaluation period.

To start your pilot add your pilot users to your free trial account (they’ll also receive free trials) prior to your “start date” and equip them with the GoCanvas app. Provide clear instructions about how frequently they should use the apps.

After about a week of testing gather feedback and review the data. Make changes that will improve the user experience. These could include a text box field to a drop-down with values for them to choose from. Or your changes could ensure the integrity of your data like making fields “required”.  Then, test it all again to make sure you’re changes are working as planned. 

Week 4 – Evaluation

During the final week of your free trial consider how GoCanvas has improved data collection for your organization. Dig up your list of criteria for a successful trial and compare it to your results. If you can check off most of the items on your list then you’re ready to move forward with GoCanvas.

Additionally, you should be working with your assigned Mobile App Consultant to discuss plans, pricing, and how to set up payment. She will advise you as to which plans make the most sense for each of your employees depending on their anticipated usage.

Finally, customize the GoCanvas ROI Calculator to find out what your return on investment would be. You can enter your own numbers to find out just how much GoCanvas apps will save you.

By following these guidelines we hope that you’ll feel prepared to take the next step toward a paperless work world. 

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