Barcode Scanning Now Available on Android Devices

By Joe Baldwin on December 7, 2011



Setting up your App to enable Barcode scanning is quite simple:

  • First you will need to download the GoCanvas Utility Pack App from the Android Market. *Note the CUP will cost .99 cent to download. If you would like to test that your barcodes will scan before purchasing the CUP you can download the Red Laser application from the Android Market (this will not integrate with GoCanvas it’s just an option for testing your barcodes scan-ability).
  • Make sure your Android device has a camera with AUTO-FOCUS functionality. If it doesn’t, it will not scan barcodes.
  • The utility pack works in conjunction with the GoCanvas client to use your devices camera as a barcode scanner and will only work if you have enabled barcode scanning in your app.

Now that you have the GoCanvas Utility Pack on your device you will need to enable the form you wish to use to accept barcode scans.

  • Logon to the GoCanvas website and open the app you wish to use in the app designer
  • Now you will add a Text Box field to the screen within the app where you would like to use this feature
  • Click the “Advanced” drop down
  • You will now see a Check Box option for “Barcode Enabled”
  • Check it and click “Done”
  • Now make sure to Save and Publish the app to your account

On your device you will launch and login to the GoCanvas client as usual and launch the app you just added the barcode field to. You will now see the button “Scan barcode” below the Text box.

  • Click the “Scan barcode” button
  • The GoCanvas Utility App will launch and you will see a white square in the center of the screen
  • You will now need to line up the barcode with in the white square to capture
  • The white square will turn green once the Utility app can read the barcode and the code will be captured like taking a picture. You don’t have to do anything more than lining up the barcode with in the box and wait for it to capture
  • Once the barcode has been captured you will see the screen go back to your GoCanvas app and the Barcode field will be populated with the code

*Note: This feature will be available for our BlackBerry and Apple users very shortly!