Auto Repair Apps that Will Save You Time and Money

By Nick Mirisis on November 18, 2019

7 Apps Your Auto Repair Business Needs Today

With the introduction of mobile forms applications, businesses within the automotive repair industry could increase productivity and profitability. According to recent statistics, 75% of drivers will visit auto repair shops for vehicle service. If each of these vehicle service visits were managed with the quick efficiency that mobile automotive repair apps provide, mechanic shops could save a significant amount of in-house time and money, and millions of drivers could save time on their mechanic visits each year. Learn more here about auto repair applications that can help you optimize and mobilize your mechanic business.

Car Repair Estimates App 

While estimates may have been a time-consuming task for your shop in the past, mobile apps make it a quick and manageable process. Costs, including sales tax, can be calculated for you within the app, eliminating the risk of mathematical errors. By using a mobile automotive estimate app, you can provide efficiency, accuracy, and clarity to your drivers during your car repair estimates. 

Best Auto Repair Apps

Vehicle Inspection App

The routine nature of vehicle inspections can make it easy for you to make a mistake.   By using a vehicle inspection form, you can easily input data directly into your mobile app.  Fields marked as “required” will be unable to be skipped, so you won’t ever risk missing a necessary data input section. You can also eliminate legibility issues and other common mistakes in both data entry and interpretation with the unmistakable ease and clarity that mobile vehicle inspection apps provide.

Automotive Apps for Payments and Receipts

The payment process of your business is what keeps your mechanic shop afloat, which is why you should trust only the most secure and efficient processes. Not only are paper payment processes more time-consuming than the mobile variant, but they are also costly and disorganized in nature. With a Square-enabled GoCanvas app, you can accept payments directly from your mobile device. This makes on-site payments possible no matter where you are completing repairs. With the power to complete payment processes from anywhere, you can break through traditional payment challenges that often face automotive experts.

Vehicle Service Checklists

Organized vehicle service visits are the key to any successful mechanic business. Keep your service process organized with a customizable automotive repair checklist. You can use a template to build the vehicle service fields that your business requires, making sure that each step of your service processes are consistently followed with each vehicle. You can even make a customized checklist for each service offering your automotive repair shop offers. These checklists can help keep track of completed tasks in a vehicle service visit while maintaining transparency of the maintenance and repair processes with your customers.

Car Repair Orders

Quicken the repair order process with mobile repair order forms. With mobile car repair order forms, you can document vehicle information; detail the service request; list all needed parts, labor, and supplies; and capture customer signatures from the convenience of your mobile device. Mobile car repair order forms are designed to eliminate the risk of incomplete or illegible information, providing reliable documentation of your completed mechanic work.  

Vehicle Detailing Apps

If your automotive shop offers detailing services, there are specialized apps designed to help your detailers stay on-task, ensure all aspects of the detailing process are completed, and increase productivity. By taking advantage of mobile Vehicle Detailing Customer Check-In Sheets or the Auto Detailing Checklist, you can organize your automotive detailing work. With the efficiency that these apps provide, you can make your detailing service more consistent and profitable than paper processes allow. 

Towing Form Applications

Does your repair shop also offer towing services? You may be familiar with the difficulty of completing paper processes while on the go. Because a large portion of towing work is done out of office, you can have your towing forms on hand with the help of a mobile forms application. This digital towing form application will also help ensure that the form does not become lost or damaged throughout the towing process. 

Get GoCanvas Today

To optimize your automotive business, partner with the outstanding mobile automotive service apps that GoCanvas houses. Mobile conversion can help you save on your paper costs and reduce in-house inefficiency and error. Each unique GoCanvas app can provide you with a new way to optimize your internal and external automotive processes. Try GoCanvas for free today!