Why Service Electric Co. Ditched Paper Forms After 60 Years

By keith bateman on September 28, 2016

Fixing Field Service Inefficiencies Through Technology


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  • Industry: Construction, Electrical Contracting
  • HQ Location: Chattanooga, Tennessee
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Quick Facts

  • Saving 846 hours annually in productivity
  • Recovering $59,475 in annual time savings
  • Seeing $312,195 annual Return on Investment

The Problems with Paper

For a business like Service Electric Company, time is money. Every moment they spend manually filling out paper forms, or waiting for all the paperwork to be turned in (usually not on time), is money being left on the table. This is why they began exploring solutions to speed up and streamline their daily cycle of assigning jobs, completing reports, and creating reports.

Service Electric Co.’s paper-based process was not only affecting the technicians who were in the field working on electrical transmissions and switchyards, but was making the job of the back-office staff a nightmare because of the need for manual reporting. This was causing them to lose hundreds of hours inefficiency, and making the ability to generate real-time reports impossible.

Understanding the Problem – Fixing the Process

When the GoCanvas team first met with Wendy Nelson, Risk Manager at Service Electric Company, almost 8 years ago, the goal was to identify the biggest deficiencies in their current process and create a success plan that would increase their productivity while reducing operational costs. The Senior Mobile Application Consultants at GoCanvas worked with Wendy and her team to convert their most time-consuming paper forms into streamlined mobile forms– this included Safety Test Forms, Crew Surveys, Work Orders, Equipment Check-in/out Logs, and more.

Once the success plan had been established, it was time to start deploying the solution. The first step for Service Electric was to get their new GoCanvas mobile forms into the hands of the actual technicians who would be using them on a daily basis. This was critical in order to get feedback that could be re-incorporated back into the platform. These changes were extremely easy to make with Canvas’ no-code, drag and drop app builder tool.

Once the testing phase was complete, Service Electric was ready to deploy their custom GoCanvas platform to the over 300+ technicians they have across the United States. From the beginning of the full roll-out, the benefits were extremely clear. They immediately noticed that reports were not only being returned on-time, but they weren’t being lost or misplaced. Since everything is automatically transferred from the technicians’ mobile device to the office, there is literally no room for error. This also gave the office managers instant, real-time access to the data as soon as it was completed.

Electrifying Results

Service Electric Co. was one of the first large industrial-commercial electrical contractors to take the plunge and ditch the paper process that they had in place since the 1940’s. But this “leap of faith” has been handsomely rewarded. Since fully automating their field and back-office data management processes, Service Electric has seen a dramatic increase in the productivity of their business and a dramatic decrease in their operational costs.

This is thanks in due to the elimination of paper and paper-based inefficiencies. Service Electric saves almost $20,000 annually in just the cost of paper by utilizing Canvas mobile forms! The cherry on top? They were able to recognize a full return on their investment in GoCanvas within the first 9 months of deploying.

Now 7 years later, Service Electric company recognizes an ROI of over $300,000 and regains over 846 hours annually by going paperless with their processes!

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