5 Must Have Mobile Apps for Field Service Workers in 2017

By keith bateman on November 10, 2016

Apps and Mobile Forms for the Field Service Industry

The Field Service industry is one of great change and expansion. It is projected that by 2020, the Field Service Management industry will be worth an estimated $5.1 billion dollars according to a report by Markets and Markets. So what is one of the leading factors in this gross expansion? Mobile technology.

Not only are jobs becoming easier to complete, but they are being done at a faster rate with better margins. In order to keep pace in this increasingly competitive industry, companies are looking for more and more technology that can improve their productivity.

Check out our 5 favorite apps for increasing the connection between the data collected in the field and the office staff who analyzes it.

5 Must Have Apps for Field Service in 2017

Apps and Mobile Forms for the Field Service Industry


Acting as the “swiss army knife” of today’s data-centric business world, Zapier allows a company to automate the way it shares its collected data without any complex or expensive integrations. Zapier works as the bridge between 500+ web apps including Gmail, Google Sheets, Quickbooks Online, SalesForce, MailChimp, and much more.

It can allow a field service company to eliminate the need for manual data re-entry into several databases by creating a Zapier connection that pushes the data collected to the other destinations automatically. This allows you to connect your GoCanvas data to almost anywhere you want it to go without any IT assistance.

Apps and Mobile Forms for the Field Service Industry


The days of texting, Skyping, and tirelessly calling employees within a field service environment are almost over. Slack was created to change the way companies exchange, retrieve, and store messages.

This easy to use app allows companies to create specific channels in order to organize their thoughts and updates by department, project, or even location. You can upload documents, photos, and more so that you can easily view and analyze data updates in seconds. Learn how data collected with GoCanvas can trigger status updates automatically in Slack!

Apps and Mobile Forms for the Field Service Industry

PayPal Here

Getting paid fast and on time is extremely important in the Field Service industry. The ability to capture, receive, and confirm payment on the spot can reduce accounting headaches and improve monthly sales cycles significantly.

PayPal Here is the business account arm of Paypal that allows companies to collect funds via dongles plugged into the headphone jack of their smart device. This payment collection method is both secure and capable of tying directly into the mobile data collection solution you may already be using to create invoices in real-time. The best part, you no longer have to wait around to get paid!

Apps and Mobile Forms for the Field Service Industry

Quickbooks Online

Everyone uses Quickbooks, right? Right and wrong. Many people have set up the old desktop version of the popular accounting software, but have yet to adapt to the newer cloud-based Quickbooks Online. Now you can do everything that normally you would have to be done from your PC, right from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet.

Everything from snapping a photo of receipts to attach to transactions, accessing and downloading invoices in real-time, and automatically syncing bank transactions to your Quickbooks account can be handled right from the palm of your hand. This cloud-based accounting program takes out many of the manual processes when it comes to efficiently tracking sales, invoices, and expense data. The best part is, this cloud-based program can easily connect to data collection platforms like Canvas for easy invoicing.

Apps and Mobile Forms for the Field Service Industry

Mobile Iron

Mobile Iron provides multiple solutions for companies within the enterprise space, but one of most important offerings to the Field Service industry is Mobile Device Management. MDM is the process of giving companies the ability to control and manage all mobile devices that have access to company data.

This allows for the IT department to easily onboard employees with the programs they need, restrict the download of “time wasting” apps like Facebook, and retire/lock devices that are no longer in service or have been compromised. This type of service is critical for larger field service companies who have employees in multiple states and are using mobile devices to capture and store customer data.


Apps and Mobile Forms for the Field Service Industry

Apps and Mobile Forms for the Field Service Industry