GoCanvas Becomes Latest Sponsor of BFMA – The Association for Business Forms

GoCanvas announced today it had become an official sponsor of the BFMA (Business Forms Management Association).   The BFMA Sponsor - CanvasBFMA formed 50 years ago to address the unique educational and networking needs of forms designers and managers. 

By James W Quigley on April 14, 2011

GoCanvas Kicks Off The “Send Us Your Forms” Program – Converting Paper Forms to Mobile Apps

GoCanvas launches their “Replace Your Paper Form” campaign to convince businesses to drop their clip boards andCanvas converts paper forms to Apps pick up their smartphones and tablets instead.  GoCanvas is offering businesses to convert a company's paper form to a GoCanvas mobile app – Free of Charge.   Once converted to a GoCanvas Mobile App  the solution will automatically work on the industries largest array of Smartphones, Tablets and even Bar Code Scanning devices.   It's a great way to show companies the value of going mobile and going paperless.

By James W Quigley on March 1, 2011

GoCanvas CEO Guest Speaker at The 42nd International Symposium on Forms and Business Processes

James Quigley, GoCanvas CEO, is going to present at The 42nd International Symposium on Forms and Business Processes in a session titled “From Ink to iPad” a discussion on the future of data collection and moving from analog to digital content in the paper form industry. BFMA Symposium CEO to Present

By james brown on February 14, 2011

Calculate ROI for Deploying an Enterprise Mobility Solution like GoCanvas

GoCanvas can help save money for our subscribers in many key areas of their business.  Many of our clients actualROI for Mobile Appsly have found that GoCanvas is in many cases less than the cost of the paper forms they are purchasing.   We can help you calculate those savings for you via our GoCanvas ROI Tool, which can be downloaded below and will soon be available as a web based tool.    

By James W Quigley on January 12, 2011

GoCanvas Announces New Mobile Application Content Partner Formville

Formville offers a unique alternative for clients who were previously collecting information solely on PDF's or Excel Speadsheets, offering mobile application versions of their most popular data collection experiences via their GoCanvas Application Store.    Formville Mobile Business Applications on Canvas

By James W Quigley on December 16, 2010

GoCanvas Mentioned in Entrepreneur Magazine

Canvas mentioned in Entrepreneur Magazine as a top way to create a mobile strategy to set your company apart!

By Chris Morrisette on June 28, 2010

GoCanvas partners with Aria to build world class Mobile Business Application Capabilities

GoCanvas partners with Aria to build world class Mobile Business Application Capabilities for its clients – powering state of the art Mobile Application Store

By Chris Morrisette on January 21, 2010

Construction Yield – Mobile Devices and Efficiency

So how can you reduce administrative delays and find more efficient work methods? Utilizing the latest technology is one way to make work methods more efficient. Using mobile apps on a smart phone instead of paper creates real-time communication that is structured and efficient.

By Chris Morrisette on January 20, 2010

Bar Coding in a new generation

Like with many things when price and complexity drop – the ability to take advantage of technology in new and interesting ways opens up and so is the case for Bar Code related applications.

By Chris Morrisette on January 16, 2010