How Paper is Costing Your Business Real Money [Infographic]

Every day another company chooses to ditch their paperwork for mobile forms, but many companies still believe going paperless is too expensive. We built this infographic to show you the true cost of using paper forms and why you should consider going mobile to improve your company's bottom line. 

By keith bateman on February 22, 2017

Read the Report: Top 4 Reasons Companies Choose to Leave Paper for GoCanvas [SlideShare]

Ever wondered why so many companies are making the transition to cloud-based and paperless solutions? We asked this exact question and more to our current subscribers and compiled their responses into a report to help those companies that might be debating the same transition. 

Read the results and make the decision for yourself!

By keith bateman on January 3, 2017

Why Mobile Makes Sense – 2016 Customer Survey Results [Infographic]

Take a look at highlights from our 2016 customer survey. Review the benefits of going mobile based on industry, the most popular types of forms, and what the top 3 reasons are that customers choose to go paperless with GoCanvas. 

By keith bateman on December 20, 2016
woman working on an ipad

Upcoming Overtime Regulations Impact All Businesses: Are You Automated?

New overtime regulations go into effect Dec. 1 for many salaried workers who formerly didn’t have to track hours. Find out how it affects your business. 

By Michael Benedict on August 2, 2016

[Live Webinar] Register to Learn How Two HVAC Companies Saved $500K By Going Paperless

Reserve a spot this Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday at 1:30 PM EST to learn how companies in the HVAC industry are automating their workflow processes and increasing profitability by eliminating paper. In under 30 minutes, you will learn how simple and easy it is to take your paper-intensive data collection process and streamline it with a mobile-based platform like GoCanvas. 

By keith bateman on May 18, 2016

How Businesses are Using Mobile Apps – 2015 GoCanvas Survey Results

We're psyched to share some of the findings from our annual subscriber survey. Take a look here!

By Jason Peck on May 4, 2015

20 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Go Paperless

GoCanvas is a great solution for eliminating paperwork and streamlining business processes. But you just might not be ready for this…

By Jason Peck on September 10, 2014

Why Paperless is Better: 7 Big Reasons to Eliminate Paperwork

Paperwork comes with so many annoyances that add up to massive headaches and productivity losses. Learn the big reasons why going paperless is better. 

By Jason Peck on July 22, 2014

Want a Paperless Office? You Need These 6 Solutions

Discover the six solutions that can help you go paperless and become more productive. 

By katie simpson on June 27, 2014

A Breakup Letter to Paper

Dear Paper,

Hey, we need to talk. We’ve tried to make it work, but we’ve both known this day was coming…

By katie simpson on June 9, 2014