Mobile Business Apps Blog: Notes from our CEO

An Open Letter to Virginia’s Leadership - Regarding our Innovation Economy

I recently wrote an open letter to the future political leadership of our great Commonwealth.   This letter has now been signed by over 40 area Innovation Leaders / CEO's and growing.  

By James W Quigley on September 6, 2017

Empathy Drives Design

Check out a few notes from our CEO, James Quigley, on why empathy was so important in the design and development of Canvas 8. 

By James W Quigley on August 2, 2016

TechCrunch Article - Embrace, Don’t Fear, Shadow IT

Check out this article that our CEO & Co-Founder, James Quigley, wrote for TechCrunch.

By Jason Peck on September 29, 2015

Why Every Business Needs a Culture of Empathy

Empathy isn't about lip service: it's a differentiator in business. 

By James W Quigley on December 5, 2014

Getting to Know Canvas - Our Culture, Structure, How We Get Things Done (aka New Candidate Tips)

This has been an exciting ride - a one of a kind journey being a part of the Canvas team.  We are a fast growing, dynamic start-up delivering a service that has become global with businesses in the most eclectic industries connecting organizations with their workers, customers and partners in new and powerful ways.  With that growth, comes our need to bring on a steady stream of super talented new Canvas team members.   For some, working at any start-up can be a culture shock and Canvas adds some unique twists that for some will make it their dream job and for others...well lets just say we screen lots of people.   Read more about my top five things you need to know before applying to become part of our collaborative team. 

By James W Quigley on March 5, 2013

Canvas World Tour…  First Stop Australia!  October 19 - November 2, 2012

We couldn't be more proud of the amazing fast growing usage of Canvas.  On the list of "amazing" is that organizations and individuals using Canvas is not a local but rather a global phenomenon.  With that in mind we have some big plans to take our mission of connecting businesses to their employees and customers remotely and digitally and make it even more accessible around the world.   Learn more here how to meet me Canvas down under and take your own business mobile in minutes!

By James W Quigley on September 24, 2012

Welcome to the new Canvas Website!

Just a quick note to Welcome you to the new Canvas Website.   Everything has changed from a look and feel perspective, but all the great features of Canvas are here. 

By James W Quigley on August 20, 2012

Everything is About to Change. Canvas Releasing Many New Features, Starting with new UX! Big News!

As CEO of Canvas I can tell you I am one of our biggest fans and always incredibly jazzed by what we do and where we are going.   But I think when you get a chance to see what we are up to, I know you will be equally in love with where we are going. 

Over the next month we are introducing a whole new set of dramatic updates and features that are centered around the refocus of our company vision and mission.  During this time period, I will be personally introducing you to some of these updates and features I can promise you they are going to change everything.  The first major update is a completely new User Experience (UX) which will be evident with our brand new company website and mobile app.   Learn more here..

By James W Quigley on July 26, 2012

User Experience is Everything: The Pininfarina Coke Machine

As engineers we often get lost in what works, which may not be completely intuitive. ‘The Pininfarina Coke Machine is an amazing example of UX that is not only intuitive, but also delights. 

By James W Quigley on June 25, 2012

Canvas Is Growing! Doubles Our Mobile App Representative Team and More

Thanks to the amazing support of our subscriber community - Canvas has and continues to experience amazing growth.  In line with that we continue to expand our inside team who are there to help get our subscribers up and going, getting the most out of the Canvas experience.   Learn more about some of the other amazing milestones we have recently passed. 

By James W Quigley on March 16, 2012