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By: GoCanvas Team May 22, 2023

7 Biggest SDS Compliance Violations in Chemical Manufacturing (And How to Reduce the Risk)

Not complying with the safety data sheet (SDS) regulations can cost chemical manufacturers in terms of fines, customers, and reputation. Knowing and avoiding the biggest SDS compliance violations is one of the best ways to follow Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations.  This article reveals the top seven SDS compliance violations to give you […]

By: GoCanvas Team May 15, 2023

How to Revise Your Online Order Forms for Custom Components and Assemblies

Offering custom components and assemblies to customers can be a great way to drive engagement and sales. Whether you’re in a B2C or B2B industry, customization and configuration are invaluable strategies. At the same time, you might wonder how you can ensure customization capabilities don’t negatively impact the processes and staff you currently have. To […]

By: GoCanvas Team May 5, 2023

10 Must-Have Fields for Food and Beverage Processing Site Inspection Form Templates

In the food and beverage processing industry, companies need to perform regular inspections to maintain safe processes and environments. By taking the right steps and implementing various industry best practices, inspectors can adequately complete all safety inspections to maintain compliance and protect the company’s bottom line. It’s important to understand what requirements are in place […]

By: GoCanvas Team May 1, 2023

Internal Audit Best Practices: How to Ensure Your Facility’s Process Checklists Comply With New OSHA Standards

Job site inspection is a critical step for manufacturing, material storage, and other industries, especially if they want to maintain compliance with new regulatory requirements and standards. You might have checklists to help you conduct inspections of your facilities. However, you may worry that these checklists are becoming outdated and non-compliant. So how do you […]

By: GoCanvas Team April 24, 2023

Wastewater Processing: 8 Tips to Make Your Manufacturing Site More Sustainable

When it comes to wastewater disposal, manufacturers can place a significant strain on municipal water systems. The lack of proper waste management leads to sanitary waste, particularly in metropolitan areas’ water supply. This has catastrophic effects on people’s sense of health, education, and economic growth. In fact, we can trace recent cholera outbreaks mainly to […]

By: GoCanvas Team April 9, 2023

Tracking the Trends – Top Safety & Compliance Trends in the Mining Industry

Safety and compliance are important issues in many industries. In the mining industry, which has long been known for its potential dangers, keeping up with the latest trends in safety and compliance can go a long way toward improving the overall health and safety of workers in the industry. Modern safety requirements and technology have […]

By: GoCanvas Team April 2, 2023

What Is a Confined Space Safety Plan, and Why Is it Essential?

The oil, gas, and mining industries have significant workplace hazards, and confined spaces are often the riskiest places on a job site. Working in confined spaces is often essential. That’s why companies must take steps to mitigate the hazards. A confined space safety plan is vital for efficient operations and the safety of your team. […]

By: GoCanvas Team March 27, 2023

How To Increase Worker Safety For Renewable Energy Contractors

Clean energy jobs grew 5% in 2022 to a total of 3.2 million. Of that total, renewable energy contributed to 515,248 jobs. As with the rest of the US economy, small businesses employ the majority of Americans. Approximately 90% of the clean energy workforce comes from businesses with less than 100 employees. With growth projected […]

By: GoCanvas Team March 20, 2023

Solutions to Waste Management Issues For Oil & Gas Companies

Waste management compliance is important in every industry. The oil and gas industry, in particular, has a strong risk of waste emissions. Therefore, it’s vital for companies to understand how to manage drilling waste management, improve disposal of unwanted materials, and decrease unnecessary waste across the organization.  Why Waste Management is Important in the Oil […]

By: GoCanvas Team March 13, 2023

Manage Risk for Oil and Gas Companies With a Risk Assessment Checklist

Today, the challenges faced by the oil and gas industry are considerable. Effective business leaders and managers must thoroughly understand them to determine and implement the most effective risk management strategies for their company. There are several commonly recognized best practices for risk management in the oil and gas industry. However, no one-size-fits-all approach will […]

By: GoCanvas Team March 7, 2023

7 Tips To Pump Up Your Power Plant Safety

Power plants have many regulations to live up to. However, bolstering power plant safety isn’t just about avoiding fines and improving your bottom line. Working in power plants can be dangerous for employees. A solid slate of safety precautions doesn’t just improve the efficiency of the plant, but it also empowers your employees to do […]

By: GoCanvas Team February 28, 2023

How Electric Cooperatives are Keeping Workers Safe Across the U.S.

Electric cooperatives are increasing safety for workers and contractors across the United States. These initiatives include a commitment to zero contacts, the Rural Electric Safety Program, and other key safety education programs. They aim to help improve safety for workers and contractors for electrical companies across the country. Taking part in those initiatives can help […]

By: GoCanvas Team February 22, 2023

5 Ways GoCanvas Analytics Enables Data-Driven Decision Making

When it comes to keeping an eye on your business, it is vital to produce comprehensive reports quickly. It isn’t enough to rapidly gather information from multiple sources, you will need to analyze and summarize that data in a way that is efficient and presentable.

By: GoCanvas Team February 22, 2023

The Best Risk Mitigation Strategies For Transporting Hazmat Materials

Transporting hazardous materials means meeting strict safety standards and regulations set forth by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and OSHA. Safely transporting hazmat materials includes preventing accidents that could cause devastating injuries to the driver of the truck, as well as others around that driver on the road.  What is Hazardous Material Compliance? Hazardous […]

By: GoCanvas Team February 15, 2023

Mining Dangers: Top 5 Risks and How to Prevent Them

Mining dangers are significant, but the rewards of digging into the earth to uncover treasures of gems, metals, minerals, and stones outweigh the costs. Many health and safety risks are involved in the in-ground work of mining and quarries. However, the top five include injuries from moving vehicles, physical handling injuries, falls, rock slides, and […]

By: GoCanvas Team February 8, 2023

High Safety Standards Equals More Clients For Drilling Contractors

The oil and gas industry comes with many safety risks. However, drilling contractors can mitigate them with the right safety program. High safety standards can go a long way in creating a safe environment for employees and visitors while helping to maintain efficient operations. However, as a drilling contractor, you might not know exactly how […]

By: GoCanvas Team February 1, 2023

How Often Should Industrial Rigging Inspections Be Performed?

The numerous risks that come with rigging projects make it necessary to regularly inspect this equipment. Rig inspection will ensure your rigging equipment is consistently safe and compliant with industry rules and regulations. There are many pieces of rigging equipment to inspect, from slings and harnesses to hooks and hoists.  Here we’ll explore what rig […]

By: GoCanvas Team December 22, 2022

How Digital Forms Solve Problems Beyond Predictive Maintenance

Many businesses spend a lot of money on predictive maintenance to avoid potential issues. However, predictive maintenance alone won’t cover all maintenance requirements. You also need to account for unpredictable maintenance. This could include equipment that experiences unexpected issues along with other potential problems. You must be able to address these before they develop into […]

By: GoCanvas Team December 21, 2022

Protect Your Fleet Management Investments and Prevent Downtime with Digital Solutions

To keep your fleet in great shape, you need regular real-time fleet inspections and consistent management. With the help of proper inspections, you can avoid potential breakdowns and costly downtime. To get the most from your fleet management practices, it’s important to understand the specific benefits of inspections and the ways you can improve the […]

By: GoCanvas Team December 20, 2022

Unlocking Frontline Data to Optimize Business Operations

Many small to medium-sized businesses have faced uncertainty during the pandemic. Nearly every industry struggled to some extent, from supply and labor shortages to low-quality data. However, with the help of in-depth analytics and data collection, SMBs can optimize their frontline operations and navigate through difficult times. The following guide will illustrate the value of […]