two workers using tablet to conduct construction inspections

A Guide to Stop Work Orders for Contractors

  Dealing with paper-thin margins and tight schedules is not the only nightmare for a contractor on a project. A minor violation of the building code can force a stop work order, leading to extended timelines, expensive penalties, and more customer frustrations. This article covers what you should know about stop work orders and we […]

By The GoCanvas Team on December 10, 2021
three construction workers using a tablet device in safety gear

What is HAZOP Analysis?

Reducing workplace hazards as much as possible ensures the health and well-being of your employees, and also prevents the costly repairs, lawsuits, and lost reputation that can come from a safety-related incident. One of the key methods of proactive hazard control is Process Hazard Analysis (PHA). In fact, OSHA finds PHA to be such an […]

By The GoCanvas Team on December 5, 2021
Man on tablet device creating a form

Investing in Mobile Form Builders: How to Calculate the ROI

If you are thinking about investing in a mobile form builder, it’s important to understand what that means for your business and the potential return on investment (ROI). Form builders help field service companies to digitize their processes and improve workflows between the field and office. Simple, yet powerful software built for the field can […]

By The GoCanvas Team on December 3, 2021
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Why You Should Go Digital with Pre Trip Inspections

  Many transportation and logistics companies are modernizing their operations by switching from paper inspection forms to digital forms completed on mobile apps. Pre trip inspections are one example of the type of form that can be digitally signed by operators in the field. When drivers need to complete pre trip or post trip inspection […]

By The GoCanvas Team on November 25, 2021

Guide to Mobile Inspection Forms for the Trucking Industry

Trucks are the backbone of the global supply chain. According to the American Trucking Association, about 70 percent of all freight and cargo in the United States moves by truck. Without these vehicles, the U.S. economy would grind to a halt within a week.  However, keeping that workforce moving comes with significant risks. Five million […]

By The GoCanvas Team on November 20, 2021
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Home Inspection Checklists – Examples and Templates

  Going Digital With Home Inspection Checklists Inspection companies are moving toward digital apps rather than using traditional paper forms. By going digital, inspections can be completed from a mobile device or tablet, so information is instantly available in a PDF report. For home inspections, going digital allows you to have all of the necessary […]

By The GoCanvas Team on November 10, 2021
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Improving Your Operations with Field Service Management Software

Whether you have two or 200 employees, your business’ success depends on their hard work. Passionate, motivated team players are the difference between surviving and thriving. But in field service, your employees are often far from the office. So how do you know which employees are carrying their weight?  Time cards and field reports can […]

By The GoCanvas Team on November 3, 2021
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Timesheet Forms: Why Going Digital is Better than Paper

Timesheet forms are commonly built out using simple tools like Microsoft Word or PDF files that are printed out on paper for employees to record their hours worked. While this may seem like a simple solution for timekeeping, there are several key drawbacks that make paper timesheet forms less desirable for business operations. Continue reading […]

By The GoCanvas Team on October 17, 2021
Man on tablet device creating a form

What is the Best Software to Create Forms?

  There are many software solutions available to help your business create forms. Forms are used to capture data for a specific business purpose. Deciding on the best software for your business will require you to examine what features and functionality you need to accomplish your desired outcome. Software for creating forms should be both […]

By The GoCanvas Team on October 15, 2021
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Best Invoice App for Contractors

  Software solutions for contractors are growing in popularity, with specific apps to help with different types of business projects. One such example are invoice apps that enable contractors to provide a digital invoice to clients. This article covers how invoice apps work and where you can find an easy-to-use template for your business.   […]

By The GoCanvas Team on September 20, 2021