App Building Two Cents’ Worth: Barcode Apps for iPad/iPhone, Android, & Blackberry

Barcode scanning apps for iPad/iPhone, Android, & Blackberry here at GoCanvas are very popular and powerful!  Today I want to talk about combining our barcode scanning feature with one of our other powerful features, Reference Data.  Using these features in tandem allows you to do some really awesome stuff…all customized around your organization.  You can streamline your organization in ways you never imagined and make your mobile workforce more productive than ever.  Let’s dig in…

By Jason Good on July 23, 2013

BravoZulu Fire Safety & Security Launches Application Store on!

Bruce Irvine is the Founder and Director of Australian-based BravoZulu Fire Safety and Security Pty Ltd. He has been in the security, fire safety and occupational health and safety industries for over 23 years, and loves to help small and medium sized business (SMB’s) with their safety audits and compliance. Per Bruce, “I want to help small and medium sized businesses to not only comply with regulatory obligations, but more importantly, focus on them being understood and practiced.” Bruce saw a major opportunity for SMB’s to improve their safety by making inspections more accessible through mobile apps, hence his partnership with GoCanvas! 

By Michael Benedict on July 18, 2013

NRWA Launches Partnership and Application Store with GoCanvas!

The National Rural Water Association (NRWA) is the nation’s largest water and wastewater utility membership association with over 31,000 members. The NRWA has a strong history of grassroots advocacy that ensures increased funds are available to their members from the USDA, EPA, State Revolving Loan Funds and other agencies and private entities. The NRWA wanted to help its members complete these vital inspection tasks using the very latest technologies available vs. traditional pen and paper, and partnered with GoCanvas to develop and deploy a mobile data capture solution and community based application store in less than 3 weeks. Learn more here…

By Michael Benedict on June 20, 2013

Telcos are finding partnering enhances offerings quickly letting them “stick to their knitting”

For Telcos I see the phrase as being particularly apt as they look to tackle the emergent needs of the business market. Whether they are the dominant player in their territory or not, the business market in the past have evaluated them in similiar fashion.  Many business users have looked to the carriers first for the core capabilities they provide, namely voice and data access and for the most part sourcing and subsidising their mobile devices.  But this is changing…

By Stuart Kelly on June 19, 2013

Telstra Selects GoCanvas Mobile Forms Platform For Enhanced Business Offering

Telstra Selects GoCanvas Mobile Forms Platform For Enhanced Business Offering –  Australia’s leading communications provider to offer the GoCanvas application service to businesses of all sizes

Value Printing Launches Application Store on!

Value Printing specializes in creating a full line of professional carbonless forms and marketing materials designed to promote HVAC, Carpet Cleaning, Plumbing, and Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning business. Recently, their Founder, Margaret Kehoe, partnered with GoCanvas to offer Value Printing’s detailed business forms as mobile apps.  Margaret prides herself on being very close to Value Printing’s customers, and has been hearing more and more requests to have their forms available for completion on smartphones and tablets. 

By Michael Benedict on May 21, 2013

Interested in Becoming a GoCanvas Reseller?  Have Content? Let’s Partner Up!

Interested in Becoming a GoCanvas Reseller?  Have Content? Let’s Partner Up!

Did you know GoCanvas is open to partnerships? Every week we get inquiries from businesses and organizations around the globe looking to partner with us. Some want to offer Canvas’s mobile data capture solution to their clients and/or industries. Some are content owners who want to turn their paper forms into mobile apps and setup their own Application Store.  In both instances, GoCanvas has programs in place to support these types of partnerships.  Interested?  Read on…

InterNACHI Launches Application Store on

The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI) is the world’s largest, non-profit inspection association. One of the great benefits of InterNACHI is the availability of the International Standards of Practice Commercial Properties Inspection Checklists. “Our Inspectors all want an app of these checklists” said InterNAHCI’s Founder, Nick Gromicko.  InterNACHI’s members are highly qualified. Their inspectors have all successfully passed InterNACHI’s Inspector Examination, taken a Standards of Practice Quiz, completed a Code of Ethics Course, adhere to Standards of Practice, abide by a Code of Ethics, attend required continuing education courses and are InterNACHI Certified. Nick recently teamed up with GoCanvas to provide InterNACHI’s home inspectors with popular inspection checklists as mobile apps.

Keep an Eye Out For GoCanvas on a TV Screen Near You!

Keep an Eye Out For GoCanvas on a TV Screen Near You!In case you didn’t catch our recent Facebook post or tweet, GoCanvas debuted February 4th on national television as a part of the new Share Everything Plan for Small Business campaign from Verizon. That’s right, you’ll be able to see your favorite Mobile Business App company featured across the country on all major networks including ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX as well as cable networks CNN, BRVO, SYFY, ESPN, Discovery and more.

By Joe Gatto on February 7, 2013

Blackberry 10: Three Features That Could Lead to a Comeback…Britney Spears Style!

Today, I’m taking a break from my usual feel good “customer cuts paper” story to focus on an event that took place earlier today, the Blackberry 10 launch. Many of you may have written Research In Motion off, and rightly so. The only motion RIM has seen in recent years has been backwards and down, but with a renewed focus on business users RIM has retired its old moniker and rebranded itself as Blackberry in hopes of shedding any doubts that it has a place in the modern mobile landscape. 

By kalliopi vlastos on January 30, 2013