The GoCanvas Blog: GoCanvas Company Updates

By: The GoCanvas Team January 31, 2022

GoCanvas and Device Magic Join Forces to Strengthen Work Process Solutions

The GoCanvas and Device Magic team are thrilled to announce they are joining forces starting in 2022. Both companies will be uniquely positioned to offer industry-leading work process solutions for small, mid-market, and enterprise organizations.  The move will strengthen the mobile data capture and process automation solutions available for customers. The combined organization will be […]

By: James W Quigley February 13, 2019

Investing in Our Future, Faster

You may have heard we recently received a round of investment from K1, an experienced investor in B2B SaaS organizations. What’s the impact of this development, why now, and what’s the bottom line? Allow us to explain…

By: Jason Peck November 28, 2018

GoCanvas Wins Big in 2018 Best in Biz Awards

Proud to announce we've been named both a gold winner in the category of Fastest-Growing Company of the Year and silver in Best Place to Work in the 2018 Best in Biz Awards.

By: Kassidi Koronkowski March 7, 2018

The 13 Biggest D.C. Tech Hires to Know About from February

Every month DCINNO recaps the biggest tech hires and departures in the D.C. area over the past month. To get hiring and other local innovation news daily, sign up for The Beat. Here’s their list of the top hires in D.C. innovation for February:

By: Jason Good May 16, 2016

Release Notes: Email & re-email submissions and other new tools to drive efficiency

Here we are again as our journey to make the lives of our customers better and better continues!  We have added a number of enhancements this time around that we hope will streamline processes a bit more and save even more valuable time that can be spent elsewhere within your business.

By: Michael Benedict May 12, 2016

GoCanvas Application Store Passes 20K Apps, Thanks to Its Partner & User Community!

Five years ago we set out to make it easy for anyone, in any industry, anywhere in the world, to find the mobile app versions of their ideal business forms in the GoCanvas App Store. Arguably, a lofty task – at the time we had about 700 apps in the Store, so were a long, long way from achieving our goal. 

By: keith bateman April 22, 2016

Earth Day Spotlight: 5 Companies Going Green & Making Green

This year on Earth Day, we wanted to highlight five companies who have taken the initiative to “Go Green” and become more efficient in the process! Many of these companies are household names or publicly traded, which shows that even large, highly profitable enterprises are taking a proactive approach to reducing their environmental footprint. 

By: Jason Good March 20, 2016

Release Notes: Folders and Integration

We are so, so excited to announce these new features. And we are even more excited about the upcoming release of our brand new App Builder. This year the GoCanvas product will be getting a full makeover so hang on tight! But I'm getting ahead of myself. 

This past weekend we released Folder Functionality and our integration with Our amazing subscribers have long requested Folders. And can take your automation to whole new levels. Let's dig in…

By: Jason Good October 12, 2015

Release Notes: Navigation Bar & Submission Emails

GoCanvas pushed out another release over the weekend.  I wouldn't describe it as the most exciting release by itself from a subscriber standpoint, but our development team accomplished a lot of great things.  There are two changes that are really visible to our subscribers.  But much of the work done this time around are for things you'll see down the road as we continue to build out features to be release later this year and into early 2016.

By: Jason Peck September 29, 2015

TechCrunch Article – Embrace, Don’t Fear, Shadow IT

Check out this article that our CEO & Co-Founder, James Quigley, wrote for TechCrunch.

By: Jason Good September 8, 2015

Introducing GoCanvas Seven Point Oh!

We are so proud to introduce you to GoCanvas 7.0!  Why 7.0?  Well that just happens to be the release number we are up to after all of these years building the GoCanvas product.  But it also happens to coincide with some very big changes to the product itself.  And 7 is a lucky number…at least here in the United States it is.  But we have had 86 software releases since launching version 1.0 of GoCanvas in mid-2009.  We have had some very big releases in the past (Launching our iOS version of GoCanvas, Android, Dispatch, Workflow and others), but this one is bigger in many ways and while it is the culmination of a lot of efforts here at GoCanvas, it also represents another beginning for us.  

By: Jason Peck November 4, 2014

Congratulations to our 2014 Ante Up Award Winner, Washington West Film Festival

Congrats to our 2014 Ante Up Nonprofit of the Year recipient, the Washington West Film Festival! Learn more about how they’re using GoCanvas. 

By: Jason Peck August 14, 2014

GoCanvas Featured in Forbes for Integrations with Google Drive, Box, Dropbox and Evernote

Check out this great article in Forbes that talks about our recent integrations with some of the leading cloud storage providers!

By: katie simpson July 17, 2014

Do You Need a Mobile Food Service Inspection Report?

Discover the benefits of a food service inspection app

By: Jason Peck June 11, 2014

Welcome to Randall De Lorenzo!

We're excited to have mobile tech veteran, Randall De Lorenzo, join the GoCanvas team. It's only been a few weeks, but he's already having a huge, positive impact on our company.

By: James W Quigley April 1, 2014

What is GoCanvas? In 3 Minutes Get the Basics on Our Innovative Mobile App Service for Businesses

What is GoCanvas? How does it work? Read on to find out!

By: Jason Peck March 14, 2014

5 Million Submissions and SmartCEO Award for Chris Morrisette

We have some exciting news to share with you. 1) On Wednesday, we passed 5 million submissions! 2) Chris Morrisette, our Chief Architect and Co-Founder, was given the prestigious Executive Management Award at Smart CEO’s 2014 ceremony. 

By: katie simpson December 11, 2013

Share the Holiday Spirit with #CanvasCandyCanes

The holidays are practically upon us. Let’s face it: finding gifts can be stressful. Now is your chance to take the stress out of one potential gift by helping a friend win a candy cane gift pack. For your jolly efforts, you’ll be entered to win 1,000 candy canes and a $100 Amazon gift card. Will you be Santa for your friends and make it rain? Or will you be the wily Grinch and keep it for yourself?  

Read on to find out how!

By: katie simpson November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving: We’re Grateful for You

At GoCanvas, we wanted to take a moment to be thankful this Thanksgiving. We’re grateful to work with wonderful people, our new partnerships, and our awesome refreshments. But in the end? We’re most grateful for you, our customers. So to show our thanks, here are some memorable moments that we’ve enjoyed this year.

By: katie simpson October 24, 2013

For World Paper Free Day, GoCanvas Dumps Toilet Paper

This year we’re pulling out all the stops for world paper free day. We’ve decided to remove all paper from our offices. Not just our printer paper, but also napkins, paper towels, even toilet paper