The GoCanvas Blog: GoCanvas Subscribers – Who is Using GoCanvas?

By: andrew cantle February 11, 2013

Australian Cake Company Discovers How Sweet GoCanvas Is

One of Australia’s best-known Cake companies is rolling out a Field Sales Coaching Tool using the GoCanvas platform. The company decided that it needed to make more use of the increasing number of smartphones and tablets that employees are carrying every day, and looked to GoCanvas to make it happen for them!

By: scott shea January 29, 2013

International Manufacturing Company Eliminates Paper, Moves to GoCanvas Custom Mobile Apps

A large, international manufacturing company has decided to remove paper from its business processes and replace it with GoCanvas mobile apps.  The decision came about because of all the wasted time and effort trying to organize and sort through mountains of paper work.  The company knew there was a better way, and GoCanvas proved to be the right solution.  Read more…

By: Jason Good January 21, 2013

UK-based Air Conditioning Installation and Service Specialist Completes Service Reports on iPhone

GoCanvas has customers all over the world.  Just in recent months I have helped companies in Costa Rica, the Philipines, the United Kingdom, South Africa and Australia go paperless.  An air conditioning company in the UK that specializes in the installation and servicing of air conditioning and ventillation systems was looking to streamline its business and recoup all of the time they were spending managing paperwork.  They found GoCanvas and now their service reports are completed and transmitted electronically using iPhones.  Read more…

By: andy adams January 17, 2013

Universal Waste Management Lives up to Mantra; Reduces Paper Use with GoCanvas on Android

Universal Waste Management, a biomedical waste transporter and storage facility headquartered outside Jacksonville, FA, has made the move to go paperless by deploying GoCanvas on Android-powered tablets. Read more…

By: kalliopi vlastos January 16, 2013

Home Watch Company Goes Mobile with GoCanvas Apps on iPads

A Home Watch Service company based in New Jersey has turned to GoCanvas to help it keep a watchful eye over it’s client’s residences. See how they’re using GoCanvas to keep their clients informed.

By: scott shea January 15, 2013

Major Hotel Chain Replaces Paper Room Inspection Forms with GoCanvas Custom Mobile Apps on Blackberr

Hotel room inspections should be quick, efficient, and paper free.  That is what this particular hotel located in Tulsa, Oklahoma recently decided.   Most people nowadays are equipped with a smartphone, so it makes sense to utilize them in every way possible to make business faster.  With GoCanvas, every room in the hotel can now be inspected right from a Blackberry (or any mobile device!) and sent immediately to the GoCanvas cloud to ensure another guest can get in to their room as soon as possible.  Read more…

By: Jason Good January 14, 2013

HVAC Businesses Flock to GoCanvas for Customized HVAC Apps

I came across the latest edition of IE3 (Indoor Environment & Energy Efficiency), the publication put out by the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA), and it made me think of all of the HVAC companies we work with here at GoCanvas.  The cover boldly states: Resistance to Change is Holding Your Business Hostage.  Our HVAC subscribers are definitely NOT resistant to change! They have customized their own invoice apps, work order apps, estimate apps, time card apps and more in order to streamline their businesses saving valuable time and money (And trees!).  Read more…

By: scott shea January 4, 2013

Cool Frog Cooling Shares Personal Experience with GoCanvas!

Here at GoCanvas, we like to feature blogs that illustrate the variety of ways our customers use GoCanvas.  What better way to highlight a customer experience than a testimonial!  Without further ado, here is Ron Walker from Cool Frog Cooling on his experience with Canvas…

By: andy adams December 20, 2012

Skydiving Company has Falling Out with Paper:  Goes Mobile with GoCanvas Waiver Apps on iPad

Skydive Temple, a Texas-based skydiving company, has made the move to go paperless with GoCanvas on iphones and iPads.  Read more…

By: kalliopi vlastos December 19, 2012

Photography Company Upgrades its Image With GoCanvas Mobile Apps on iPads

A branch of one of the largest school photography businesses has adopted GoCanvas Mobile Apps on iPads in place of costly paper forms. See how they’re using it to make contracts a breeze!

By: Jason Good December 17, 2012

Retail Store Inspection Apps on Android, iPhone/iPad, & Blackberry Rule at GoCanvas

The retail store has changed greatly in recent years with the growth of online shopping.  The role of the retail stores for many businesses is completely different than what it has been in the past.  Steve Jobs helped redefine retail with the opening of his Apple stores.  And other retailers have been following his lead.  A very competitive environment has made the retail experience critical for brands that are trying to lure in new customers and then keep them.  GoCanvas has seen this change first-hand as more and more retailers have come to GoCanvas for customized inspection apps, quality control apps, merchandising apps, and more.  Read more…

By: andy adams December 7, 2012

Tharp Plumbing Throws a Wrench into the World of Paper Forms and Goes Paperless with GoCanvas

Tharp Plumbing, a Florida based plumbing company, has taken a comprehensive approach to replacing their paper-based forms with customized GoCanvas mobile apps.  In order to accomplish this with their mobile workers they have deployed GoCanvas on a mix of Apple and Android powered devices, depending on each user’s preference.  Read more…

By: scott shea December 4, 2012

HumiTEC Corporation leaves Paper behind for GoCanvas Custom Mobile Apps on iPad

HumiTec Corporation recently decided to upgrade their methods of data capture to GoCanvas custom mobile apps on newly purchased iPads.  The company, who specializes in providing products that help lower humidity, used to capture all their job information on clipboards.  However, this process proved to be a pain.  The information they wanted to capture could barely fit on the sheet of paper.  The handwriting was often hard to read and sometimes the papers never even got back to the office at all.  After looking for a solution, HumiTEC came across GoCanvas.  After contacting one of the GoCanvas Mobile Apps Consultants, and providing the paper form they were using, they were well on their way to building a custom mobile app to streamline their operations. Read more…

By: Jason Good December 3, 2012

Fire & Safety Commodities Using GoCanvas Fire Inspection Apps Down on the Bayou

Fire & Safety Commodities has been serving New Orleans since 1979.  They install 22 new fire suppression systems each and every month for local restaurants and auto repair shops.  They also provide fire inspection services to ensure that equipment is operating properly and will perform as required in an emergency.  Fire Inspections can be long and if you're doing them on paper then they are prone to errors, illegible handwriting, damage, and can easily be lost altogether.  Thanks to GoCanvas, Fire & Safety Commodities has taken steps to eliminate paper inspections and capture all of their data electronically.  Read more…

By: kalliopi vlastos November 28, 2012

Mobile Bay Harley Davidson Sales Team Gets Tricked Out with GoCanvas Apps on Droids, iPhones and iPa

A Harley Davidson Dealership in Mobile, Alabama has left paper in the dust in favor of GoCanvas mobile apps on iPads, iPhones and Android devices. The company’s Chief Financial Officer wanted a different way for his sales team to communicate with their customers and a more efficient way to pass that data along to him. After trying a few different mobile forms solutions he found GoCanvas to be the easiest and most intuitive to set up.

By: Jason Good November 26, 2012

HAFSCO Goes Paperless with Foodservice Work Order App on Samsung Galaxy Tablets Provided by Verizon

HAFSCO, founded in 1934, is a full service foodservice company located in West Haven, CT that provides commercial kitchen design, sales, and service along with consulting services.  For 78 years HAFSCO has provided superior solutions and outstanding customer service.  They have also used paper forms for all of those years.  They recently made the decision to use Samsung Galaxy Tablets and GoCanvas to complete their work order forms electronically and made the startling discovery that about 25% of their work orders had not been getting invoiced.  Read more…

By: scott shea November 20, 2012

Gaston College Upgrades Writing Center with GoCanvas Custom Mobile Apps on iPads

When you think of a college writing center these days you probably picture a room full of computers with students and instructors working.  The days of a writing center actually involving pen and paper are long gone.  Gaston College, located in Dallas, North Carolina, decided take the next step and update all of its processes in the writing center.  After all, now that students and instructors are using technology to enhance writing abilities, why not embrace the powers of technology for other uses as well.  After discovering GoCanvas, Gaston found how easy it was to develop Custom Mobile Apps that captured all the information that was relevant in the Writing Center. Read more…

By: Jason Good November 19, 2012

Telecommunications Company Using GoCanvas for Job Hazard Analysis Apps

According to OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) is: “…a technique that focuses on job tasks as a way to identify hazards before they occur. It focuses on the relationship between the worker, the task, the tools, and the work environment. Ideally, after you identify uncontrolled hazards, you will take steps to eliminate or reduce them to an acceptable risk level.”  One of our current GoCanvas subscribers in the telecommunications industry is using GoCanvas to collect data for JHA.  There are various checklists their employees walk through using their mobile device to identify potential hazards and appropriate actions to prevent an accident.  Read more…

By: scott shea November 13, 2012

Therapist Switches from Paper Forms to Custom Mobile Apps on iPad

Recently a therapist decided to make the move to custom mobile apps that can be easily filled out on his iPad.  The Licensed Professional Counselor saw the need to go paperless and have everything automatically stored on the GoCanvas cloud instead of trying to keep paper documents.  The records of the sessions conducted with clients are very important.  Moving to GoCanvas eliminated the risk of losing or damaging the information captured during the session.  Having already purchased a new iPad, GoCanvas became the clear solution.  Read more…

By: andy adams November 8, 2012

Paper Starts to Bug Boston Pest Management Company

Ecologic Entomology, a Boston based pest management company, has begun using GoCanvas apps on iOS (iPads and iPhones) to collect all necessary data for everyday business.  Ecologic Entomology is a company who provides pest management consulting, education, and technical service solutions in a responsible, “eco-logical” manner.